07 January, 2008

The Perfect Christmas

Okay, so the traveling parts of our Christmas trip maybe didn't go so well, but I don't want you to get the impression that our whole Christmas holiday was the same. In fact, this Christmas holiday was so close to perfect I haven't got a clue how we'll ever top it! (Okay, well, our next Christmas holiday in Manitoba could be longer...that would maybe top it). As evidence, I offer the following pictorial diary of Christmas 2007: The Little Goat's First Christmas and a Christmas at Home...Ahhh....*

The LG with her newest (2nd) cousin, Tyson (she's 3 months older). This is the only picture we got of them where Tyson isn't trying to punch her in the eye. Not to worry, though, she was kicking him later. Ahh...such good cousins already!

With my cousins Shelley & Randy (Randy's new to the family too as of July 28th)!

Relaxing with Mrs. Kara.

Bedtime! But first a picture with Mrs. Erin.
(Blog friends, you'll know her as Erin K. from Whitekirk.)

Out for breakfast with "Auntie" Lindsay!

The Girls: Aletta, me, a very grumpy LG, "Auntie" Chandra, and Heather.**

Playing with her new shiny box.

Happy New Year!

*I don't want to brag too much, but yes, she met A LOT of people and no, she didn't 'make strange' with a single one of them! Our Little Goat, the social butterfly.
**We managed to get a picture of the Little Goat all her "Aunties" except Auntie Tamra who lives in Korea - but we love her just the same!


Jenn said...

Ok, I'm pretty sure we're from the same city. How small a world is that!? I just can't put my finger on how I know you but you look so familiar and my sister went to school with Chandra. E-mail me and we'll chat it out!

Beck said...

I just found it so weird to see a picture of you and Erin together. And look how cute your little munchkin is! She's a doll!

erin k said...

Is it just me, or has LG changed a lot from the time you were at our place to the time that last picture was taken?

bren j. said...

Erin: Well for darn sure she was less CRANKY in that last picture. :) I think it must be her hair. It suddenly started GROWING. She's still got her bald patch, but everywhere else is filling in nicely.

Brenda said...

That baby looks JUST like you Bren!

bren j. said...

Oh I don't know, Brenda. Those ears aren't entirely my fault. ;)