20 February, 2008

4...Nope....5 Things

I got this meme from Jenn at Loving Every Minute, except instead of four things, I'm arbitrarily changing it to five.

I'm not tagging anybody for this meme because so many of you seem awfully busy these days, but if you feel like playing along, let me know and I'll link up to you!

5 Jobs I Have Had:
Farmer's Market Clerk
Security Guard
Camp Director
Church Secretary
Domestic Engineer (I'm copying you here, Jenn....sadly, The Husband wouldn't let me list this as my occupation on our tax return this year....)

5 Jobs I'd Like to Have:
Pharmacy Technician (seriously, I ponder this one about once every two months)
Law Clerk
Church Secretary (but only if my boss(es) are as cool as last time)
Wedding Planner
Coffee or Tea House Owner

5 Movies Watched Over and Over:

Pride & Prejudice (BBC) - I think I've now watched it about 15 times.
Bend it Like Beckham
U2 Vertigo Tour
Ever After
Does my Pilates DVD count??

5 Shows I Watch:
Mercer Report
Little Mosque on the Prairie
Coronation Street (sorry, Uncle Robert)
Martha Stewart
The National

5 Places I Have Been:
Northern Ireland
Northern California (and if I can help it, I'm never going back!)

5 People Who E-mail Me:
Erin K.
My Mom

5 Favorite Things To Eat:
Almost anything chocolate - I draw the line at choc. covered bugs
Guinness Brownies
Soup, something good and mushroomy

5 Places I Would Rather Be:

5 Things I Look Forward To This Year:
Getting the painting finished in our house
Maybe moving
Meeting some new babies
Mom & Dad coming to visit
Spending my birthday in Quebec City with Erin K. and family. Woohoo! 66 more sleeps!

1 comment:

Jess said...

You have such great things to look forward to this year! I am excited for you.