06 February, 2008

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Thursday, February 9th, marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. This is the Year of the Rat*. If you are born in this year, you are, among other things industrious, hard-working, and ambitious. Lest you think that 'Rat people' have all the luck, they also "may become difficult to work with" and "may sometimes be viewed as opportunists." Not so great.

In honour of Chinese new year, I thought I would profile our family's character traits as defined by the Chinese Zodiac. I wish you all actually knew us personally because that would make the blatant fallacies in said Zodiac all the more funny. Alas, you'll just have to take my (very biased) word for it. You'll find my commentary in red. Oh, and Happy New Year!

Bren J.: Born, The Year of the Sheep
Sheep personality traits

The most creative sign in the Chinese zodiac, those born in the Year of the Sheep (also known as the Year of the Ram or Goat) are often artistic, sensitive, sweet and charming. (And they forgot to mention stubborn...and not really very artistic at all....or sensitive or sweet. Charming, maybe.)

Shy by nature (hah!), Sheep are not the most practical of people (are you kidding? I'm one of the most practical people I know!) and, although well-mannered (true, true), they occasionally may suffer from "foot-in-mouth disease" by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time (I'm shocked!). Still, with their considerable charm and innocence Sheep never lack for protective friends and admirers. (Admirers, hey? How 'bout that?)

Outwardly dreamy and starry-eyed, Sheep are inwardly anxious, insecure, and usually find day-to-day living difficult and puzzling. As such, they often take refuge in religion, astrology or the occult. (There's just not much hope for me, is there?)

Sheep are not overly ambitious, but once they find work that makes use of their considerable talents, they are passionate about what they do (true, to a point). Typically surrounded by beautiful things (define 'beautiful'), Sheep have an ardent love of creature comforts (mmm....chocolate chip cookies....) and are almost always elegantly dressed (HAH! If by 'elegant' you mean pajamas, then yes.), but can become overly reliant on appearances.

Conversely, Sheep people have an innate love of nature and are never happier than when messing about in the garden. (Erm.....gardening....I really only like the harvesting part.)

In business Sheep tend to be highly disorganized (this is the part where I decide I can't possibly be a sheep!), but they usually enjoy great success as artists, actors, designers, and in many other creative endeavors. (Hah! Double Hah! and ugh, respectively.)

The Husband: Born, The Year of the Monkey (This is already bad because The Husband HATES monkeys. Really, he loathes them.)
Monkey personality traits

Charming (true), charismatic (not so true) and extremely inventive (often frighteningly true), Monkey people are most noted for their intelligence and clever genius in working out difficult problems for themselves and others (good thing there's no time frame for said problem-solving).

Cheerful and energetic by nature (oh boy...), they attract many friends with their magnetic personality and innate tact and diplomacy which may dissolve into condescension at times. They are impatient when it comes to getting their way, but their anger cools quickly.

Extremely curious and thirsty for knowledge, Monkeys are never happier than when absorbing facts and information (good grief! do they KNOW him?? ), and possessed of a near photographic memory usually retain all they have learned (he claims there's no photographic memory). For this reason, their inventiveness in tackling thorny problems with the greatest of ease (maybe not exactly the 'greatest' of 'ease')usually earns them well-deserved admiration and appreciation from business associates, friends and loved ones.

Loyal and devoted to friends, Monkeys are ardent and passionate in romance, but they may quickly lose interest in the object of their affection and seek out another (hey!). This general fickleness is also seen in their abandonment of projects if not allowed to immerse themselves in them immediately, and in their eating habits they usually prefer a quick snack during the day rather than sitting down to a full meal. (The accuracy of this last sentence is truly scary.)

With their considerable talent and extraordinary originality, Monkeys may enjoy luck and in whatever career they choose, but usually excel as troubleshooters, scientists, researchers or inventors. (If The Husband could spend all day out in the shed inventing, I think he'd be in seventh heaven. Me? Not so much.)

The Little Goat: Born, Year of the Pig
Pig personality traits

Intellectually curious, honest and tolerant, those born in the Year of the Pig can be relied upon for their loyalty and often make true friends for life. (At eight months, can we really evaluate this?)

Like the knights of old, Pigs are often highly regarded for their chivalry and pureness of heart (read that again, I love that part of the sentence except I keep reading it as 'Like the pigs of old....'), and will often sacrifice their own well-being for the greater good.

The Pig can be very naive, however, and may easily fall victim to the unscrupulous who take advantage of their idealistic nature - as Pigs see everyone as loyal and caring as they are. Although forced to play the fool many times, they will just as likely hold fast to the notion that everyone is at heart decent and admirable. (Oh, I hope not!)

Stubbornly optimistic, the Pig will not tolerate those with well-meaning advice on how to be a Pig (Don't worry, we won't tell her how to be a pig. Oink!), but since they dislike quarreling and discord their anger usually cools quickly. Sometimes looked upon as a snob (hmph!), the Pig just finds it right and natural to exhibit good manners whenever possible (that's my girl!). Their main goal in life is in serving others, and no matter how difficult circumstances become the Pig will never waiver or retreat, forging ahead in the sure knowledge that all will be well.

Pig people love to read, are generally thirsty for knowledge, and not readily talkative (like Father, like Daughter), but if presented with an opportunity to discuss topics of interest with like-minded individuals Pigs may find themselves talking non-stop for hours (Ack! When will I do my daily sudoku?)!

People born in the Year of the Pig are trusted associates in whatever career they happen to choose and often shine as entertainers, social activists or politicians. (Heh, a smooth-talker, our Little Goat. At least there's hope for one of us!)

* All Zodiac descriptions come from this website.


Jess said...

This is cute. I was born in the Year of the Rat and I would like to embrace the good things you mentioned and brush off the bad ones. Or does that make me opportunistic? Ahem.

Beck said...

I am also a rat, which is pretty icky.

bubandpie said...

I am so completely a Pig (both in year of birth and personality). I put far more stock in the Chinese horoscope than the regular kind, because I'm supposedly an Aquarius but the descriptions are nothing like me.

michelle said...

I am also a Rat..I need to go and see what my Chinese horoscope says, the good and the bad

Kellan said...

This was fun seeing all the traits of your family - very interesting. Happy Chinese New Year - Enjoy! Take care - Kellan