19 February, 2008

I Look Like WHO?!

Kellan over at On the Upside had rather unfortunate luck when she used this face recognition thing the other day, but the resulting post was fuuuun-ny! (And maybe the software was broken that day Kellan, because you are beautiful.)

And I'm not meaning to toot my own horn, but this is the most complimentary outcome I've ever had with one of these things; I was more than a little shocked. We did one for The Husband and among his matches were Halle Berry, Dolf Lundgren and *shudder* Tom Cruise (really, whatever. He SO does NOT look like icky Tom Cruise). We also did one for the Little Goat, but when one of her best matches turned up as Jay Leno...well THAT I just refuse to post. But here's mine so you all can be amazed.*

Oh, we also did one where you upload a picture of a child and one of each parent and it tells you who the child looks more like. Well, just to let you all know the debate is settled and the outcome was: "Child looks equally like both parents." So there you go, an exact 50-50 split and we'll never have to discuss it again. Okay? Okay.

* The face you can't see is a young Sally Field.


Beck said...

More then ANYONE IN THE WORLD, you look like my youngest brother's exgirlfriend. TO AN EERIE EXTENT! She was a sweetie. (well, is.)

Jess said...

I can totally see how those people were picked. So I would be flattered too. Also the 50-50 resolution is both perfect and incredibly unsatisfying.

Kellan said...

Okay - this just makes me MAD! That is so unfair - but, you are beautiful and I can see why those would be your matches! I will just have to accept that I have a manly face and go on with my life (*hangs head and sobs pathetically into her lace hankie*) - see ya. Kellan

nomotherearth said...

You do kind of look like Penelope Cruz! When I did this, I was compared to a man. NICE.

Can the Little Goat really be 8 months? How time flies.