19 February, 2008

Three Weddings and a......Baby??

Actually.....there are four babies.

Oh don't get your ovaries in a knot, none of them will be coming out of me - thank the Lord! (I had you going there though...didn't I?? Hah!)

It turns out this summer is going to be just as busy as any with weddings and new babies. We have three weddings to attend between May and August and four friends with babies due between now and August (and no, I will not be divulging the names of our pregnant friends since not all of their pregnancies are public knowledge yet).

So I'm writing to warn you all: if you get married, don't choose the 16th of August. It's already double-booked and we won't be able to make it (unless you know of some sort of teletransportation device we can use that's already perfected....I don't want to end up with all but, say, my feet, at my cousin's wedding). Also, if you have a baby this year and you aren't already on our List of Recognized Impending Births 2008, you won't be getting a baby gift until 2009 when we can replenish the Baby-Gift Slush Fund. It's not that we don't love you, it's just that, well, you missed the deadline.

Today started off sunny (of all things!) and by the time The Husband was heading home from work, we'd already had more melting, more rain, and a little snow squall. Hear ye, weather! Make up your mind!

Also, I've been slacking in posting the last couple weeks; I've been enmeshed in several games of Scrabulous on Facebook, most of which I have now lost so I consider that my penance for neglecting my friends in Bloggityville. I have a fun post I'm working on for tomorrow to placate you all, so come back, okay? See you then!


Jess said...

We are at that age when it's marriages and births all over the place. I mean, I can't complain because I'm totally jumping on the marriage wagon too. But still. At least we had the decency to set a date in November in order to avoid conflicts.

Looking forward to tomorrow's fun post!

Beck said...

Now that we're in our mid-late 30s, the births and marriages are slowing down a bit - which is a good thing for our budget, I must say.

Kellan said...

I am not crazy about weddings - but I love me some babies!!! You have a busy schedule ahead of you - I hope it is all FUN! Have a good Wednesday - see you later. Kellan

Jenn said...

I went through a couple of crazy years with weddings and now it's been babies for the last few. We also have many friends expecting in '08. Two have already arrived and we're waiting on at least seven more!!

Anonymous said...

Who else is getting married on Aug 16th besides me? I will send you an email updating you on all of the plans/ideas...once I finish up the required papers and all for classes. By the way (the Little Goat) was beautiful and entertaining to watch on the webcam.