28 May, 2008

It's Already Wednesday

For (Nearly) Wordless Wednesday, because I am tired and cranky and full of allergies and the Little Goat is driving me around the bend with her obnoxious new 'style' of crying, which is a combination of crying, screaming, hollering, and dying pterodactyl noises; and also her new wake-up-early, no-nap habit. AUGHHHHH!

It's a good thing she has so many cute days.

Tea party with Penguin.

Getting greedy at the party.

Penguin: He likes his tea!

On the bench, in the yard.


Beck said...

She's PROBABLY about to hit a growth spirt - my kids always become really irritating before they grow 10 inches taller. And she is VERY cute!

Brenda said...

Is her hair getting lighter? Maybe it's just the pics but I can't tell. And God bless you for blogging about the annoyances and irritations of motherhood. I feel like I can't/shouldn't do that. But sometimes I need to. A lot of blogs I read are just the happy sunny bits and I KNOW there has to be some bumpy spots too.

erin k said...

Very cute. My mom has that same tupperware set from when I was little. Maybe I'll have to steal it from her (or maybe it will a special Grandma's house toy)

Also, where did you get the great kids table and chairs? We are in the market but I don't want
a)anything plastic
b)anything with licensed characters
c)to shell out $200 for a nice, new, wooden set.

Have a great weekend.

bren j. said...

Beck: Let's hope the growth spurt comes and GOES soon. The screeching is getting UNBEARABLE!

Brenda: Why sugar-coat it? There are some moments/days I really strongly DISLIKE being a mom. ACK! Her hair might be getting lighter. *sigh*

Erin: Scary 70s tupperware hey? Harvest Orange? Avacado Green? Yikes! The table/chairs set is actually an 'antique' already. It was my Mom's when she was a kid and then mine, now the LG's. If you know anyone going anywhere near an Ikea, they have a wooden table w/ 2 chairs for $30. You need to check out a craft sale or ask around. There's enough farmers around there - somebody must be skilled in wood! :)

Jenn said...

Having tea parties already......so cute!

Jodie said...

Penguin likes tea. I approve of Penguin.

nomotherearth said...

Early rising AND no naps? Ack.

Beth said...

Bren, we found GREAT shoes at Clarks. I went in there to get some flip flops, and found out they had just started carrying kids shoes 3 weeks ago. they were great - measured her very well, let her try on several pairs and walk around. The shoes are like T strap Mary Janes - white leather with a little bit of rubber on the bottom but still really flexible. Let me see if I can find a link.


That's the best I could come up with right now, but the shoes we got are at the top - the white ones with the flowers. We love them!

Kellan said...

Adorable pictures of your sweetheart with the penguin - adorable!

Have a good evening - Kellan

Kellan said...

Hey Bren - hope you had a good weekend and hope to see you this week - Kellan

Kristi said...

Fresh flowers at the tea party? Lucky girl. Luckier penguin.