02 May, 2008

We're Outta Here!

Well, it's Friday and Mr. J. has today and Monday off and we're on our way to meet Erin K. and her Music Man and Monkey in Quebec City for the weekend! We haven't seen them since Christmas and we are SO EXCITED! Hopefully I'll have lots of pictures to post when we get back.

Oh boy! And guess what else is happening this weekend! Nope, we're not investing in a yacht (no flooding right in our town, thank God!) and nope, we're not getting camels. Sunday is my birthday! I know, I know, things end up heavily in my favour for three weeks starting in April: an anniversary on the 27th, my birthday a week later and Mother's Day the week after that. Har! Someday when we're rich, maybe we'll just take a whole month off and go somewhere. But for now: Happy Birthday to me! AND to Brenda, my cyberttwin over at The Ones with the Baby. Make sure you head over there on Sunday and wish her a Happy Birthday. We're about to embark on our last year of Twentysomethingness. Ack!

And on the birthday note, here's a picture of the anniv
esary cake I made and a cupcake in the same style. I'm not entirely happy with the pictures because they're blurry, but you can get the general idea. The cake was plain white with a touch of rum and fresh strawberries, lime curd filling and lime-infused icing. Go ahead, drool, it was FABULOUS and yes, it looks like a hat!

Have a great weekend!

Yummy cake.

Best cupcake EVER!


Jenn said...

Have a great trip and a fabulous birthday! How fun to go to Quebec City and with friends!
That cupcake looks so good. How do you make them with the filling? Recipe please!

Brenda said...

Enjoy your time with Erin and Happy Birthday to you! We had a great year:)

EG said...

Recipes! We want recipes! (Especially for the best cupcake EVER!)

EG said...

Ooh, woo hoo, I can make cupcakes in star shapes now! Thanks!

nomotherearth said...

Love the cupcake. If you put chocolate pudding in it, I would think I was in heaven.

Jess said...

OMG now I REALLY want some cake. But have a great trip! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Kellan said...

Hey - May 2 was your Birthday!!!?? Happy Belated Birthday. Guess what? My Birthday is also May 2 - WOO HOO - no wonder we get along - Taurus' tend to get along with other Taurus' - my hubby is a Taurus.

Hope you had a good Birthday and a good trip to see your friends. Hope you are having a good week also - see ya - Kellan