08 May, 2008


So this past weekend, you'll recall that we went up to Quebec City with Erin K. and Co. We had an amazing weekend! It rained on Saturday and Sunday and was pretty cold, but we stayed warm and relatively dry and all was well. Our kids got along just swimmingly - they slept well, played well, ate well....as did we, the adults. We enjoyed trying on hats, visiting some crazy medieval shops, riding the funicular (okay, I enjoyed this slightly less than everybody else, darn leeriness of heights!), exploring a museum, and cramming as much tasty food down our gullets as is possible in four days. Oh boy! So many choices of places to eat and we didn't choose badly even once! Tasty Moroccan food on Friday night, a ridiculously good burger and microbrew on Saturday, a chocolate museum and store on Sunday and some delightful crepes on Monday. In the quest to fill the afternoon pain au chocolate (chocolate wrapped in pastry, basically) fix on Sunday, we stumbled across this bakery which we almost left because we didn't see any of the pastries in the case....well then we spotted then and ate THE BEST chocolate/almond pastry Erin and I have ever tasted in our collective existences! Oh my goodness! That served (quite nicely) as my birthday cake. Oh yes! And they all sung Happy Birthday to me en Francais!

All the while, Erin and I discussed our dream of opening a bakery together - not so much bread (although I did just pull some out of the oven...mmm....), just fancy, tasty pastries and desserts. Wouldn't that be amazing? We just have to work out how to move back to Canada and find a job for Mr. J. and then we can get started! Hopefully this dream will not fall as quickly to the wayside as our last goal which Erin plans to blog about someday. (Ahem...)

It was also nice to be able to explore a city with friends who are working with the same challenge we are - namely, trying to get in and around with a stroller and an occasionally fidgety youngun in tow. Public bathrooms with changing tables are surprisingly few and far between in QC. Without further adieu, here's our weekend in pictures - Part One - because, my goodness Mr. J. took a lot of pictures!

We stopped for a picnic on the way.

Crossing the bridge into Quebec City.

Exploring on Friday night.

The Funicular.

We were just in time to see the Bride & Groom walk out of this church
(the name of which escapes me just now). Aren't they adorable?

Quebec City, home of the largest woodpecker we've ever seen....

...and the scariest Hen in a Kettle we've ever seen.

Random building.

The Little Goat getting ready to go out.

Our kidlets, fast asleep in their almost-matching strollers.

Statue outside the Chateau Frontenac.
I think she's proclaiming to the world how much she loves breast-feeding. har!

Strange French wantons are available for purchase here.


Jess said...

Do you speak French? Because they have two words for bakery: boulangerie (bread bakery) and patisserie (dessert/pastry bakery). It sounds like you want to open a patisserie! I say go for it!

erin k said...

how did I miss the crazy wanton sign? I'll be posting soon, I promise.

bren j. said...

Jess - check and double-check. Quite likely une patisserie to start with but it wouldn't be in Quebec and I don't speak enough French to pass for a MUTE Frenchwoman, nevermind one that must speak (okay, that might be a slight exaggeration) so we won't be starting a bilingual patisserie either. That said, we would have to call it a bakery since we don't want to pigeonhole ourselves. What if I woke up one morning and all I wanted to bake was bread? :)

Erin - it was at the 'gaz-bar' we filled up at before we left....after we took another wrong exit. Ack!

Beck said...

So. Jealous. Can't Comment.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Bren!

Brenda said...

Whoa. Canada looks like a whole other country! Smirk. It does look kind of European. It's pretty too. Not ugly like in the US.

nomotherearth said...

Have you seen many hens in kettles?? Just wondering.

Happy birthday!

bren j. said...

NOMO: Come to think of it, no, we haven't seen many hens in kettles and I'm just not sure what to think about that....