19 May, 2008

Woe is Me.

To ring in her 11 month, the Little Goat decided it was time for the allergies to appear. Her nose has been running more than the leaky tap in our bathtub and of course, wouldn't YOU enjoy having your snot sucked out by a freaky blue rubber thing? *shudder*

On top of that, I am also feeling abominable. My head refuses to cease its pounding and my entire digestive system is threatening to stage a mutiny; it is telling me it is disgruntled at the very least. To top it all off, the milk factory is experiencing technical difficulties just when demand has risen to help the LG through this rough patch, and every time she eats, I feel nauseous as all get out (and no, it's not because of That. I've checked.).

Mr. J. got a late start this morning and has things to do after work today which means he will be getting home later than usual and tomorrow he is working a double, from 7am until 11pm and I can only hope that I am feeling better by then. I am BAD company for a Curious Crawler in my present state.

So woe is me...whine, whine, whine....I want my Mom and I wish she wasn't presently on the other side of the continent, not that being her usual half-way across the continent is very helpful either, but it would be better than nothing and she would be near her free long distance plan.

Boo for sickness! Does anybody know any good home allergy remedies that are safe for little goats?


Jess said...

Aww. Poor Little Goat! I wish that I could help, but I'm pretty sure that Claritin D is not approved for babies.

Beck said...

Poor little munchkin. I swear by cooled-down chamomile tea, which probably doesn't do ANYTHING, but feels nice.
And yeah, the blue snot sucker. I'm glad they exist but babies HATE THEM.

erin k said...

We feel your pain. I'm now convinced that Monkey's cough must be allergy related. The Music Man and I are both currently sneezing machines. We'll try to get in with the Doc this week to check the cough etc.

Have you ever had the nausea with bf-ing before? I think it can be cycle related for some people.

Beth said...

We just squirt saline up her nose and suck it out. She's not a fan.

Brenda said...

Blimey! I had just finished writing a long comment for you and Maggie's little fingers somehow deleted!!!

Anyway, i'll be brief:

saline/little noses drops before suctioning

a vaporizer during sleepytime (10 bucks at Walgreens)

make sure to bathe her on days she goes out. when she goes to bed that night w/o a bath,it's like seh's sleeping in her allergens. if you can't bathe, at least wipe her hair down and change her clothes.

wash her sheets frequently

and as for your nausea while nursing and general ickiness, could you be getting a plugged duct or something?

Brenda said...

i forgot to say that the slow down in production could be a clogged duct which can make you feel gross and crappy.

Kellan said...

I'm sorry about the little Goat and about you not feeling well. I hope you all are better soon! Take care- Kellan

nomotherearth said...

Boo! I'm no help whatsoever, sorry.