29 September, 2006

The Adventure that Almost Wasn't

So here we are in Maine. For how long, some might ask? 'Well,' we'd answer, 'We have no idea.'
Luke called today to check on the status of his Maine RT license and it turns out that WVC is no longer accredited with JCRT. 'J-Cert' as it's known here, is the only accredidation the Maine licensing board accepts. So for you savvy readers, you'll understand that this technically means Luke isn't legally allowed to work here. It's almost funny, isn't it? That we travelled completely across the country for a job he can't have! Har.
Okay, well, it DOES sound awful, but it may turn out all right. Luke hit the library this afternoon to download and fill out an application for a WA state license (which he IS eligable for). Once he's got that, he can apply for a Maine state license, no problem. Well, wait there IS a problem. This whole process could take up to three weeks! (Prayers for expediency, please!)

We are learning that moving from city to city within a state, is a breeze compared to moving from one state to another. Everybody has different requirements, different fees, but surprisingly, they all got the same crabby people from The Crabby People Factory. Go figure.

In other less frustrating and potentially life-altering news, since we finally have internet at home, as of 33 minutes ago, I can post some more pictures on here. Since the Sturgis Pretzel fatory in Lititz (pronounced LID-itz) was a total highlight of our trip, I'll post some pictures from that. One is a picture of Luke getting his Pretzel Makers certificate (valid at any Pretzel factory in the world) from Carol, the Pretzel Queen. The other is of the Pretzel Crest. The Crest picture says - well, just click on it and you should be able to read it. It's a neat story!

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