30 September, 2006

To Market, To Market

Well it's Saturday here in lovely PI. It's one of those perfect falls days: cold wind, warm sun, stunning leaves, and a red hot lobstah (who smells faintly of apple pie).

We drove down to the "Farmer's Market" this morning. Maybe it's bigger in early September or when it's warmer outside. There were three sellers. Two Older Ladies with their various pumpkins, cabbage, and miscellaneous veg, then the Organic Farmer's who have six kinds of potatoes - all of them tasty and 'you don't have to peel them!' The Farmer Man informed us that his own potatoes are the only ones he doesn't peel before cooking. 'Those kind you buy in the store - they're all sprayed! They've all been sprayed! Even if you wash it you shouldn't eat the peel! Argh! <- come on, say it like a pirate. Meanwhile Madame Farmer is puffing away on her cigarette (I'm sure it's organic too) selling the last of the baby beets. After the Organic Farmers comes the Fairy Worshipper. I came up with the term 'Fairy Worshipper' after too many trips up the Methow with too many subsequent encounters with Super Weirdos. You know the type that smoke...something, only wear natural fibers (but are definitely NOT Jewish), and say things very slowly, always with a somewhat distant look in their eyes. Anyway, this particular Fairy Worshipper was also a dealer in herbal remedies. 'For 37 years now...'She tried to sell us some lavender massage oil ('for the ladies') and thanked us for allowing her in our Life Circle. Oi. We bought our potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, and zuchini, and scrammed! And the inevitable finally happened on two counts. I lost my beloved sunglasses in a fitting room in Penney's, and shortly after we got home, the cats somehow escaped through the same window Luke crawled through the other day when I locked our only house key inside the house. We thought he'd now locked the window (we did get an extra key made finally), but apparently not and when I went to let the cats out, there was no sign of them except the open window. It was almost movie-like. You know, the parent comes up to check on their teenage daughter at bedtime and finds a Rapunzel-like rope of sheets hanging out the window. Well, okay, there was no sheet rope, but they were gone. "Quick! Get your shoes on! Grab the cat treats! A jacket! A jacket! Quick! Hurry!"

So they were out playing in the pine trees and brush, not too near the road. A chase ensued into the neighbouring field, but eventually both escapees were apprehended and contained. The window in their room is now locked. For real.

No news on the house hunting front or the job front. Hopefully next week's labour will produce some fruit. Today we're cleaning up stray papers that have succeeded in their diabolical plan to take over our floor and all other available space in the living/dining room, and making veggie soup for supper. With our cabbage and UNpeeled organic potatoes.


bren j. said...

Sorry, Shelley! I have it set so that strangers can't post weirdo comments as happened a few blog posts ago.
Glad you're enjoying it. Today's was particularly fun to write. :)
Hey, we love you guys too! And hey, now that you have that great fuel-efficient little car....ahem...AHEM....

shelley said...

pretty sure that we have thought about it, but randy's not too keen on driving that far again so soon! (he flew out to NY to buy the car....drove it all the way home...) but if i can convince him we'll come visit for my winter vacation

bren j. said...

hey that would be awesome! we can go skiing!
but if that doesn't work out, the door is ALWAYS open!