26 September, 2006

We're Here!

Sorry it's taken so long to get to posting. We don't have internet at our house yet and since we don't even have to pay for the phone, we're not exactly sure how that's going to work anyway.

We went to the post office yesterday to see if we could get a PO Box. (Toni! When can you move to Maine?!?!) The guy was kind of a jerk, but we're supposed to have a box by tomorrow. They have to call the hospital to verify that Luke's actually working there and that we actually live where we said we do. 'It's for 911 so they know where you live.' Um....sure, my guess is it's more for Homeland Security issues.... So as soon as we have a PO Box, we'll let you know what it is.

Oh, we heard the funniest thing on the radio the other day! (Long days driving gave us lots of time to listen to Rush Limbaugh and other mostly-conservative radio.) But on RL, this lady called in on Open Line Friday. She said she was concerned because her daughter's school wasn't having Halloween parties anymore. They weren't doing a 'harvest party' either. They were having "U.N. Day" instead!!!! U.N. day!??! Is this to get kids prepared for the inevitable? or just to start indoctrinating them at a younger age? Good grief! So Rush gave her this great suggestion. He said that her daughter should get a can of oil and bring it to school. At lunch, she should walk into the cafeteria and say she was buying all the kids lunch! Oil for food!!It's brilliant!

Yesterday I would have had many more interesting things to write here, but today I'm stumped. We did have lunch at Tim Horton's yesterday. It was great! The sun was shining but the air was that cool crisp Fall air that needs only the aroma of pumpkin pie to make it complete. We could see the tree-covered hills in all their Autumn splendor in the distance while we ate our soup and pumpkin spice donut. It was great!

Oh! And great news for me and my Guilty Recycling Conscience - they DO recycle here in PI. You just put everything in a blue garbage bag and they collect it with the garbage. You don't even have to sort it!! Ahh....relief!

Anyway, now you know we're here. As soon as we get internet I'll be able to update this more regularly. This Sunday we're hoping to start checking out churches. We'll fill you in on that too.


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