20 September, 2006

the bear.

Well i was holding out for a real bear, but no dice. BUT, it is an actually decent sized bear. I'll have to post a picture on here one of these days. It's brown with a little bow on its neck. The bear place turned out to be actually really cool. They didn't have just bears either. They had camels!! The problem, was the three biggest ones weren't for sale, the littlest ones came in pairs (Noah's Ark theme) and they looked more like bears masquerading as camels, and the one that was the right size only came as part of a nativity set. Baby Jesus, the Bear. Weird. So nuts to that. I got my free one.

Gettysburg was really pretty cool. The old houses are fabulous! Some of them are more squished together than Peeps in a package, but they're mostly still beautiful. B & B need to bring their pumpkins to PA to sell! All theses houses - all they needed were pumpkins on the porches and it would have been perfect.

From Gettysburg, we headed to Lancaster which turned out to be way bigger than we thought and we got thoroughly lost trying to find a Waffle House and subsequently visited some of the not-so-nice parts of Lancaster. Scary! And not an Amish person in sight! In fact, we didn't see any Amish people all day - at least not on any that weren't a postcard or advertisement. We saw a few Mennonites though. AND - we DID see another possum. road kill, of course.

okay, i wrote this all yesterday but didn't get a chance to post it. now it's late so i'll have to fill in the details later.

but, i'll just leave you all with this:

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