07 October, 2006

Argh! The Camera....

A guy we know has this blog. He often reminds his readers how important it is to always travel with a camera in the car, and oh, how true it often proves. Like tonight for example.

Today we decided to go to Canada after we had met with the realtor to go over a contract for a house purchase. After our meeting, we came home and searched high and low but couldn't find Luke's passport anywhere. So we headed out to do errands instead. We got good bargains on all our purchases, got one item for half price (and less than a dollar!), AND FINALLY found a store that carries bulk products and a large assortment of organic and natural foods. Hooray!

BUT, the icing on the cake was our trip to Mars Hill. (DB: Mars Hill is the first spot the sun hits America every morning. Not Katahdin. So we were all wrong.) The drive to M.H. was nice because the sun was setting and the leaves were beautiful. But that's not even the best part!

We were coming over this little hill and I was just saying how Luke needed to remind his friends at work that we still hadn't seen a moose - the elusive, I was beginning to believe, non-existent, moose. And then, THERE IT WAS!!! A MOOSE! A MOOSE! I think I yelled so loud it heard me! It was munching on some supper in a field. It was a female.
Then, not even two miles later, I had started singing a song about seeing moose in a field. Then we were passing some farmers harvesting potatoes and I said, "Do you think that the moose eat the broccoli and potatoes?"

Now, this next part is truly amazing, because not only had I just been singing my new moose song, but I had also just asked about the moose diet and what do you think we saw?!?!? FOUR, yes, that's FOUR moose in the BROCCOLI field EATING BROCCOLI!!!!

Anyway, just wanted to share my excitement and apologize profusely that I don't have any pictures to show for it. There was a young man in the field taking a picture of the moose family. They ran away. Lucky for him, they didn't charge - for the picture of course. :)

Confirmed Moose Sightings to Date: 5
Wanna Eat Like a Moose?: broccoli is in.

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