04 October, 2006

Cheap Housing...and Other Untruths About P.I.

Okay, well the good news first: Luke's job is secure, we're not going anywhere...or at least back home. The department head and manager both decided that they would put him to work wherever they could until his license comes through and he's 'legal' here.

The bad news: This house-hunting business is bunk! We looked at two more houses yesterday. The first one had a bit more potentital than we're prepared to deal with, though it did have ample RV parking (we'd probably have to charge rent though) and a large unbelievably clean garage with storage. The main bedroom upstairs had this absolutely bizarre floor. Tiles, tiles everywhere! No specific pattern, just maybe 8 different colours of tiles all random-like - and no guarantee they're not asbestos.

The second house was, I can't quite think of one word to describe it other than DISASTER. There was no rhyme or reason to this house at all! Fake brick paneling throughout, that damp, dank smell that makes you think you've just crawled down a sewer, and the most ridiculous staircases we've seen yet! (Luke apologizes profusely for not taking pictures!) The staircases were made to just meet code. They have no landings at the bottom. They have no railing either on one side, which is handy as it allows you to actually step up to the second stair in the first place. This house was deceptively cheap. It had a decent yard and newer siding, but who can tell what the sellers were thinking!? TEAR IT DOWN! I say 'were thinking' because they can't still be. Any seller who is still thinking about selling this house would know that tearing it down and selling the lot would be more successful.

So, as a matter of prayer, please remember us in our house hunting. We've decided we might start looking in a couple of other towns close to here which wouldn't be nearly as convenient, but would be still suitable. One town is about 14 miles north of here, but isn't too tiny, and still comes nicely equipped with a Family Dollar and Tim Horton's (service = A-).

Moose Sitings to Date: still ZERO!
Amazing sunsets to Date: at least four. See below for example.

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