19 October, 2006

Pedro's Permanent

So what we're really hoping for here is that somebody from Brewster will give us an update on Pedro's Permanent. It's probably not really called that, that's just the name we decided to give the new 'permanent' Taco Wagon Pedro is building on the corner of Bridge Street and Main. The title seemed highly apropos considering that this version of a taco wagon will be permanent and of course, as a nod to Pedro's lovely coif.
So if anybody knows anything about the status of this new eatery (or better yet, has a picture to share), we'd appreciate it.

Also, something along a similar vein. Driving through NB last Saturday, we drove through a reservation. There was this poster up that said, "Dave for Chief: Power to the People." We laughed for a long time about that one. Mostly because it reminded us of the infamous Vote for Pedro posters plastered around town (oh! and the super cool tshirts!).

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