11 October, 2006

The Church-Hunting Chronicles, Part Two: The IVORY Card

Well, it's already Wednesday and I owe you all a post about our church hunt on Sunday. The problem is, church was so normal there really isn't much to tell you. There just wasn't enough fodder for a super-funny blog entry, so this is what you get:

There weren't many people there because a bunch were away at some youth retreat in Augusta. The Pastor was with them, so we didn't get to hear him preach in the morning. The guy that spoke was a lay minister and his sermon was okay - more 'milk' than 'meat' though. Solid hymn singing, but it was nice cause they were all songs we knew.

At any rate, we had barely sat down when over comes, Curtis maybe (?) with The Packet. One of those really nice burgundy folders with all the church info in it and the ominous Ivory Card. BUT, good news! We filled out this one and there was no conspicuous 'Passing of the Card' to the pastor, and no making us stand up for introductions - we just had to raise our hands this time, but there was another new guy there too so we didn't feel too weird. Nice welcome folders though. Pricey, I know, but this one even came with a Doctrinal Statement! We could hardly believe it! Imagine! A church telling newcomers what they believe - and on the first Sunday!! *gasp*

Let it not be said, however, that people in PI aren't friendly! The guy sitting in front of us, a really nice Grampa-type, even told us where he lived and that we should stop by any time! By the end of church, we also knew that his oldest son had been conceived in Washington but born in PI! (We're not sure a visit to his house is warranted anymore - we might know all there is to know already.)

We met a few more people that work at the hospital though. Good grief! Everybody knows somebody...'my mother's cousin's uncle's dog's groomer's brother works in the [fill in the blank] department!' I'm beginning to feel a little left out.

Back to church. They invited us back for an evening service, 'geared more for the younger generation.' So we went back. There weren't many people there again, but there never are at evening services, so it seems. We sang some songs, prayed, the pastor preached. It was good. A lot more Reformed than we were expecting, so that was nice. [Sidebar: We sang some song that had actions and the pastor's younger daughter got up to demonstrate. It was really sweet. She looked embarrassed, but knew what she was doing. She also looked just like B - about the same height, same hair, and I had a moment of homesickness because I miss my office visits from B&B, but I'm okay now.] After the service we were invited to stay for refreshments. Hot chocolate and cookies. It was nice. The people we met, mostly a lady whose name I can't remember, were really pretty welcoming.

Not sure if we'll go back right away. We've got a few more to check out first, but this place shows promise! Anyway, off to meet with the mortgage guy!

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