15 January, 2007

Dream Interpretation 101

The medication I take for my allergies/asthma brings with it the potential for a number of (medically speaking) relatively minor side effects. I've only ever really noticed one of them and it's one I think is great! "May cause vivid dreams." I've always thought my dreams were rather vivid. This medication kicks it up a notch though!

I've been told by many flattering friends that my memory seems to be above average and where dreams are concerned, this is no less true. It's an ability that provides Luke and I with much amusement from time to time as
I can often remember them for days and sometimes weeks afterward.

So I've come up with a new feature for my blog. I think I'll try to make it a monthly 'contest.' I'll tell you about a dream I've recently had, and YOU get to be the Joseph to my Pharoah (strictly for fun, of course. I'm not about to actually make any life-altering changes because of any of these interpretations. I'm just curious what other people think is going on in my brain since I can rarely figure it out myself!). And yes, there will be prizes. For example, this month's prize is a rather unique one and it almost makes it necessary for the 'contest' to be won by a Manitoba resident. If you can come up with the best interpretation, you'll win a surprise visit from your's truly when I come Home at the end of February! As a bonus, if you live in the Toronto area and you win, we can try to make plans during one of my multi-hour layovers on the way to and fro. (If you don't live in Toronto or Manitoba, we'll have to figure out something else.) So without further adieu:

This Month's Assignment:
Once upon a time, in a city darkened by night (think Brandon skyline but with London fog and chill) there lived an Irish king. He was a good king who ruled vast lands. As with any king, however, he had a problem. One evening, he discovered his son, the prince and the prince's royal guard, was missing. He called in the best sleuth in the land, The Dreamer, to solve his mystery.

The king carefully explained his problem to the Dreamer and volunteered a score of his own men to aid the sleuth. The sleuth and the king's men made another thorough search of the castle and all the kings lands, but nothing could be found of the prince and his royal guard.

One evening, while the Dreamer and the king sat alone at the supper table, a plate appeared before them containing a strange assortment of gummi candies - a pile of green and white worms, one green, white, and orange worm, and three quite odd little gummies. One was black and bulbous, like a beetle or a strange ball, with a red gummi cape and a pointed stick. Another was indistinguishable except for the colour, it was green. The third gummi, that remained always between the black and green gummies, was yellow and can only be described as a ladder with eyes. There was a note attached to the plate that read: "Here is your prince."

Of course, the Dreamer understood straightaway! 'Aha,' she thought, 'Here is the prince, the green, white, and orange gummi set apart. Here is his guard, the pile of green and white gummies. And these three, these are the villains with their evil eyes and evil intent!'

She explained herself to the king who looked shocked and gravely ill. By this time, a crowd had gathered to see the gummi prince on the plate. Nobody could figure out what had happened to turn them all into gummies! The king dismissed the crowd and pulled the Dreamer into a darkened corner to speak quietly about what could be done.

Only a few moments later, they returned to the table and a scene of utter destruction! All the green and white gummies had been cut in half! And the green, white, and orange gummi had been cut in four! The Dreamer and the king looked up just in time to see the black beetle with the red cape and stick, the green blob, and the ladder laugh their evil laugh and fly off into the night over the 18th Street Bridge. The king and the Dreamer tried desperately to stick the gummies back together again, but it was an effort wasted. It could not be done.
And then I woke up. As a background, I should mention that I'm presently reading a book about the legend who was Brian Boru, an 11th century Irish King who united much of southern Ireland with statecraft and war tactics never seen in Ireland before his time. Also, I like gummi worms, but if you set a plate of them in front of my, you'd notice that the only ones to disappear would be the green/white or green/orange ones. I'm not a fan of red gummi anything! (And yes, I DO dream in colour.)

I should also submit some rules which are very simply: 1) Don't take this too seriously. I won't. 2) Interpretations should be kept on the appropriate side of things and not include any "farm language" no matter how much you want to use it.

Okay, so there you go! Interpret! And no, Mom, you're not eligible here, because I know you'll just shake your head and say, 'Oh Daughter Dearest, you ARE crazy.' And I'd only reply, 'Yes, Mom. I know. It's been our little secret these 27 years!'


Dean said...

I shall work on this. An interpretation, be it ever so silly, should be made with trepidation. Who knows, you might, without meaning to, grab hold of some piece of it and say, "Aha!" or maybe "Oh ho!" or "HmmmHmmm" or some such thing. So, I'll think about it. Dean

JoelK said...

My interpretation is pending (and may be for quite some time) but I was curious to know if any of your dreams are, as they say, "lucid". That is, are you ever aware that you are dreaming, while you dream? It's all the rage, this lucid dreaming, and some people claim you can do things as you fall asleep to make lucid dreams more likely.
It just occurred to me that "Lucid" would make an interesting baby name...

bren j. said...

I don't think I've ever had one of these newfangled 'lucid' dreams. I would say I would be in more a semi-conscious state at that point. Too bad, I can't get on the bandwagon at this point. I HAVE heard if you can look at your hands in a dream, you can then 'control' the dream. But who thinks to pointedly LOOK at the their hands while dreaming?? If it's that big of a deal to you, maybe daydreaming would be more effective.

As for Lucid as a baby name. Perhaps for a girl - like some form of Lucy. Otherwise, it's rather close to Lucifer. I once heard a lady at the mall call her son that. "Lucifer! Sit down!" Sort of creepy, don't you think?

KB said...

Here's my interpretation: Part 1 - Don't let the "prince" out of your sight, the prince being that which is most important and deserving of the best of our attention. Part 2 - Don't let evil linger on your plate, it will eventually destroy the best things. Part 3 - Either avoid or destroy all red gummy anythings.

Very interesting dream. You know pregnancy makes for more dreams and strange ones at that. So, do you have any names picked out yet?

Space Monkey said...

On or about 17th of March go to Dairy Queen and have their festively appropriate dessert. Decline, obviously, the red gummies.
Sheesh! Do I have to figure everything out for you?
Crystal says hi.

bren j. said...

Space Monkey: Do you have any idea how far we have to drive for Dairy Queen?? A minimum of three hours! And even that's not a full-service DQ! On the other hand, it IS a Saturday and Luke's always saying how we never go anywhere....

However, ANYONE with the nickname 'Space Monkey' should've been able to do better than that as far as interpretations go.

And why would DQ put RED gummies in a St. Patty's day treat? (Not sure I could stomach the green-ness anyway...)

Space Monkey said...


bren j. said...


(Hi Crystal! Hey, you DO know you married a weirdo, right? Just checking...) :)

Space Monkey said...

Well good grief Brenda! Because of your little outburst, "(Hi Crystal! Hey, you DO know you married a weirdo, right? Just checking...) :)"
Crystal's computer privileges have been revoked until Jan. 30, 2007. Nice going.

Space Monkey said...

I find the adjective 'newfangled' to be offensive.

bren j. said...

You would, wouldn't you space monkey?
January 30th? Well, she only has five more days to go and I bet if she really wanted to, she could take you. She's a Mom, you know - we're like a race of super-people. So there!

Anonymous said...

The prince and the royal guard really escaped to a wonderful kingdom of liberal minded policy in which they could live without persecution of the Irish conservative religious right.

Much like the prince and the royal guard you too believe that you need to escape from the neo-conservative King that governs you in the US.

Alright I really got nothing here I've got a bad cold and am on copious amounts of cough syrup, and as we share the same genes I am also on a nice dosage of asthma meds.

Look forward to seeing you in MB.

PS. I talked to Belinda Stronach and I am buying a net for her Spread the Net campaign in your name! :p j/k


Anonymous said...

oh and by the way I would like to know what you may be referring to as 'farm language'

I am slightly offended, I learned how to read and write farm language at - at least a grade 7 level in Crystal City!!


bren j. said...

ah, my dearest cousin C,
i have to say, i haven't exactly decided when this 'contest' of mine is ending, but so far, you've taken the lead. brilliant! i love it! it's not remotely plausible of course, but i still love it.

and if you really HAD bought a net in my name....boy, you really WOULD be sick - you know Laura Bush was helping start that whole deal, right?? poor, poor C. those cough medicines are getting to you.

farm language: i once had a teacher in junior high who would refer to our general choice of swear words as "farm language." i never understood it myself. i think he was implying farmers are vulgar. but it was funny, so it stuck.

Space Monkey said...


Anonymous said...

I actually forgot that Laura Bush was helping the Spread the Net campaign. I do actually like Laura, I think she would be a better President than GW. I'm usually a bit better at the dream interpretation thing...i look forward to next months contest.

and who was that teacher who used the term 'farm language' I will have to have a good stern talk with her during my next trip to the wheat city, which is on the 1st actually. Anywho my cold is starting to lift today (YAY!) Talk to you soon.


bren j. said...

the 'farm language' teacher is now in steinbach. i bet he hears a lot of that language now.

glad your cold is abating. yes, i'll see you soon. i need to email you about that.

erin k said...

what are you saying about steinbach?... i can't imagine anyone using farm language there. :)

bren j. said...

well it seems i can't write ANYTHING on here without offending someone... j/k :)

i'm not saying much about steinbach except i've met/know enough people that were either born there, raised there, or have lived there at some point (or a combination of the above) and let's say most of them seem to have absorbed some of the more vulgar language or their forbears. perhaps one could also call it 'weekday' language. :)

i'm also subtly implying that i have the utmost of sympathy for whomever is unfortunate enough to have to be taught by this teacher now. oh, he was awful!