23 January, 2007

I'm a Cookie!

You Are a Chocolate Chip Cookie

Traditional and conservative, most people find you comforting.
You're friendly and easy to get to know. This makes you very popular - without even trying!
What Kind of Cookie Are You?

I need to make a revision to a recent tidbit of information. I mentioned in a previous post that we were supposed to find out this Wednesday who we should be expecting in June (boy or girl) and in fact, upon closer inspection (read: actually paying attention to) the date, I find it's actually Wednesday, the 31st. So we have nine more nail-biting days ahead of us. Argh!

I am sincerely hoping NOT to repeat the experience of a distant cousin of mine, who had a rather eventful ultrasound during her third pregnancy. She had been scheduled for an 'extra' ultrasound (before the 'main' one where the actual purpose is to check on the condition and development of the baby - if you're the doctor. If you're the parent, the only real reason to have said ultrasound seems to be to reassure you that #1) yes, there really is a baby in there and #2) it's a boy/girl!). So she goes in for the ultrasound, gets all comfy on the examining table and the ultrasound tech comes in.

Tech: I'm not sure why the doctor wants this ultrasound. The heartbeats sounded fine last week.

Cousin: Excuse me, did you say "heartbeatS," plural?

Tech: Yes, you're having twins. Didn't you know?

I'm not entirely sure if Cousin was only shocked or slightly horrified as well. What I do hope though, is that this isn't a 'fun' surprise that runs in the family.

More importantly though, what kind of cookie ARE YOU?

And more importantly still, the response to my dream interpretation contest has been underwhelming at best. What is wrong with you people!? This is a chance to exercise some creativity here! Use whatever bits of imagination haven't either dried up or given way to college-educated cynicism yet! What good is a contest without any entrants? Ahem. Ahem.


Erin K said...

just to let you know, I am also choc chip. No surprise there...

bren j. said...

well aren't we predictable.
but traditional and stable and wholesome.
what all good after school snacks are meant to be.

i wonder if it's any indication of our impending success as mothers?? :)

Luke J said...

I'm a fortune cookie.

joel k said...

I, too, am a fortunate cookie. Up for a double date? (which could be another type of cookie...ain't English fun?)

bren j. said...

Phew! So far, nobody I know is the dreaded jam-filled cookie! No Peak Freens among us!

I'd LOVE a double date! (And the cookie version!)

Space Monkey said...

Here is your General Hospital daily recap as appearing on http://www.soapcentral.com

Sonny is furious with Max for accompanying Carly and the boys out of town without his knowledge. He decides that Max would be better off working at the café. When Carly gets wind of this, she yells at Sonny for punishing Max for her decisions. She reminds Sonny that she only married him to save him from going to prison. As soon as his legal woes are over, they are getting a divorce. As they yell at each other, Jason intercedes and tells them to stop fighting. He tells them not to let their problems show in front of Michael and Morgan. Sonny agrees to be nice to Jax and not to say anything demeaning in front of the kids. He even promises to hand the phone over when Jax calls the house. Carly is shocked that he thinks she and the boys will be moving in with him. She tells him their marriage is not real and they will be staying at their own house. Then she decides that Max should come work for her, and he agrees. Max immediately goes to the MetroCourt where he is interviewed by the manager. The manager doesn't feel he would be a good fit for the MetroCourt, but Sam reminds him that it is in everyone's best interest to keep Carly happy. Since Carly wants Max to be the head of security, he ends up getting the job. When Carly shows up at the MetroCourt, she finds Sam working behind the desk. She is happy she is working there, but doesn't want any special treatment. When Carly arrives home, she sees a guard at the door and immediately knows that Sonny is there. He is inside helping Michael with his homework and already has dinner started. Sonny tells Carly that if she won't move in with him, he will move in with her.

Outside, Liz runs into Jason who is deep in thought. She tells him that he can talk to her if he needs someone to listen. Especially since he's always there to listen to her. He tells her that he helped convince Carly to marry Sonny, because he knew that's what Sonny wanted. But Sonny wants more than a marriage of convenience. Carly is in love with Jax and doesn't want to be with Sonny. Jason feels responsible for Carly's unhappiness. Liz tells him that unfortunately you can't pick who you fall in love with.

While in Russia, Nikolas and Emily bribe Helena's goons in order to track her down. They get back to their hotel, where Nikolas worries that he's made no progress getting Spencer back. Emily talks about how beautiful St. Petersburg probably was 100 years ago. Nikolas starts to talk about the Cassadine castle and suddenly he knows where Helena and Spencer are hiding.

Lucky tells Rodriguez that he and Liz have dinner plans. He is convinced that the two have a shot at a future together, but Rodriguez isn't so sure. Lucky goes to the MetroCourt to arrange for their dinner plans. Sam sets up a table for them later tonight and arranges to have flowers delivered to their table after they are seated.

Ric goes to the hospital to visit Alcazar and tells him about the witness they found that claims to have planted the gun for Alcazar to use on Sonny. He tells Alcazar they are planning on pursuing the charges against Sonny, but he doubts they will stick. He does think that the case against him is getting stronger. Ric baits Alcazar and asks what is going on. Alcazar won't release any details, but then Skye walks in and demands that Ric stop badgering Alcazar. Ric reminds her that Alcazar tried to have her arrested for running away with their unborn child, but Skye isn't fazed. Alcazar steps in and tells Ric that he still has proof that will ruin his career and his chances of gaining custody of Molly. Ric stops the interrogation and leaves. Skye hands Alcazar his phone and he tells her that she may want to leave while he makes a phone call. She tells him that when he was unconscious, the fact that she knew nothing about his business almost killed her. Knowledge is power. He allows her to stay and makes a call to delay the shipment.

I know, I know....you're welcome,

Beck said...

I've had the doctor suspect twins for all three of my pregnancies. Turns out I just get reallll big realllll fast. How flattering.
Isn't it exciting to think that in only nine days you'll know whether your baby is a boy or a girl? That's pretty thrilling!

Jaelithe said...

Ah, best of luck seeing a healthy little blob, whether it be one blob or two! (And on your behalf I shall hope it is only one).

Just read your comment about the, ahem, side effects of sick babies on my site, and I wanted to reassure you that after the baby is born you will almost undoubtedly develop a remarkable tolerance to gross things you never thought you could handle before. I was myself quite squeamish before I had a child . . . I still sort of am when it comes to people who are not him! I think it's the bonding hormones, or something . . .

bren j. said...

Space Monkey: aren't you supposed to be working? how can you have time to keep up with a soap opera? or are they playing those at work now? i would've suspected some sort of cryptic message, but there just aren't enough people living in your house. are even that many in your whole town??

Beck: Yes, we're down to five days. I spend at least 10 solid minutes a day panicking that It will turn out to be a girl. And that's just the time I actually spend concentrating on the though, nevermind all the other times that it sneaks into my mind and I have to force it out!

Jaelithe: I have a friend who once tried to convince me that I should smell her baby's poop. "It's really not that bad, see?"
I assured her that I would have plenty of poop to concern myself with whenever the first Baby J came along, so I declined. I hope these bonding hormones of which you speak, are strong...but not strong enough to suggest that other people stick their noses in this child's diaper. :)

bubandpie said...

I'm a chocolate chip cookie too. I should have known that my overwhelming love of chocolate chip cookies is actually a form of narcissism.

And how convenient to have General Hospital recaps right here on your blog! I can't believe that they're still running that old Jax/Sonny rivalry, only now with the role of Brenda being played by Carly.