13 January, 2007

In the News this Week

I'm getting further and further between posts here so I thought since it's Saturday, I'd at least make an attempt.

Baby Report (Skip this paragraph if you're uninterested.)
We had another appointment yesterday with the midwife. Everything appears to be going rather smoothly (I'm having an EKG next week to get some answers about the heart thing). We finally got to really hear the baby's heartbeat. That was funny. It was kicking but it sounded to us like it just had quite the case of hiccups. The sum total of the midwife's instructions, give or take a few supplement adjustments: "EAT!" How I will ever cram as much food down my throat as she's suggesting is completely beyond me at this point, but we'll figure it out. On the 31st, we get to have the first 'real' ultrasound (with the first one you couldn't see anything but a white blob, so it hardly counts), when we'll find out the gender of this Kid, so we can finally stop referring to it as 'It.'

In other news, Luke got himself a new camera - some fancy digital thing that I have no hope of learning how to use. The cats have so far proven quite accommodating subjects. We can only hope to have a child who's not camera shy because it will be the most photographed being on earth when it gets here.

Honestly, things have been rather dull around here otherwise. According to the latest weather report, a Polar Ice Cap or some such thing is signaling our impending doom and the end of this mild winter we've been enjoying, so we ought to be preparing to experience the harshness that can be "A Maine Winter." It's a good thing we have lots of puzzles around and have made nary a dent in our Northern Maine Survival Kit (courtesy of DKB & Co.).

Happy Saturday to you all.


Erin K said...

I will look forward to hearing how you feel after the ultrasound - - It makes it very real. Will you be sharing the gender with the rest of us?...

bren j. said...

oh yes, we'll share. don't worry!