28 January, 2007

Our 'Lucky' Saturday...Morning

Luke had to have some blood drawn yesterday morning, so we slithered out of bed and left the house at around 9:30. We got the hospital and I got caught up with my favourite registration clerk, Dee (I'm sure I've been seeing her at least once a week as of late). Then on to give some samples.

We had previously planned to stop at Tim Horton's for a Breakfast Sandwich since Luke had been fasting and we had a bunch of other errands to do in town. When we got there it was quite busy and the sandwiches were going to be a bit of a wait because they were still cooking the eggs. So we got coffee and a donut to share in the meantime. It took FOREVER to get our sandwiches. The owner
guy was running around like a crazy man - I think he sucked all the craziness out of every one of the other six employees up front and was channeling it all into caring about these silly sandwiches.

Eventually, the eggs were finished, but he came out to inform us he was terribly sorry but they were out of sausage and the best he could do was either bacon or ham.
Well! Ham isn't even normally an option, but I'll take it! (We'd gotten one of each - sausage and bacon - so Luke could have double meat on his.)

ALL THIS TO SAY, since it took so long and since I had to have ham instead of sausage (no complaints here), we got a 'coupon' signed by the owner-guy for a FREE BREAKFAST SANDWICH!!! FREE!!!! I'd wait every time if it meant getting something free. Good thing for uptight owners who care about their customers. And they say Tim Horton's customer service in America is crap! Bahhh!

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