12 May, 2007

A Bowl of Thankyous and Tiramisu for Dessert

Hey? Do you like that (over there, on the side)? Kind of creepy isn't it? A cyberbaby floating in a bubble....

Some of you know how I've always prided myself (yes, yes, it comes BEFORE the fall, I know) on my lovely 'innie' belly button. Well I can officially see more of it now than ever before in my life (there's a little mole in there!). It's uncomfortable and unsightly, but when I cough, it pops out even more which we find amusing.

Thanks to all of you who left comments regarding co-sleeping and birth plans. A couple of you have emailed me copies of your birth plans which has been super-helpful! We haven't made any sort of 'decision' about co-sleeping, but it's been good to read about all these different experiences - husbands snoring and the like.

We're foregoing our planned trip to Saint John for my post-birthday celebration as I've been feeling rather strange the last couple days and Husband is up painting the nursery. We ARE, however, heading out for pizza and tiramisu tonight. Yum!


Beck said...

I DO like the floating bubble baby. Not long now, eh?
Seeing the inside of one's bellybuttom for the first time is just odd. Enjoy your dinner!

Beck said...

IF your munchkin DOES decide to come early (and she probably won't), by the way, she'll be fine. The Baby was that early.

erin k said...

I had fun making my belly button stick way out when I laughed. (It started sticking out around six months, but it's back to "normal" now)