28 May, 2007

Cyberspace, You Came This Close!

We keep making plans to finally take some pictures of my as-of-late ever-expanding belly (seriously, this kid took off in Month 8!), but then we keep forgetting. We were all set to actually take pictures on Sunday afternoon when I developed (this was not intentional, I promise) a really nasty itchy rash on my face. So no pictures for you until it's completely gone! Ugh! So you came this close to having your eyes assaulted by pregnancy photos!

In other news, I finally have something to blog about because Brenda (my bloggosphere twin! Exactly the same birthday and she and her Husband just had a baby girl in March!) was kind enough to tag me with the '8 Random Facts About Me' meme. I'm not sure I can compete with her divulging information about her road rage, but I'll see what I can do.

8 Random Facts About Me*:

1) The BBC version of Pride & Prejudice is coming with us to the hospital when labour hits. I like it that much. I'm not saying I'll be entirely focused on it at all, but as background noise and hilarity, it'll carry me through almost six hours, right? Plus, since I've seen it about....oh I think I'm pushing 20 times, I don't need to pay perfect attention anyway.

2) I've owned an MP3 player since February and I've never used it once. For all the technical savvy I possess, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to work this dang thing!

3) If I could spend my time owning and running a tea shop, I'd be all over that, but for now, that doesn't seem to be in my immediate future.

4) I don't know why, but I'm super anal about this: do not stand on a freshly laundered bathmat in anything other than bare feet! It's just not right!

5) Hmm...where's my soapbox? Oh, good, there it is. Just a second, let me get up there. Okay. So. I'll keep this short. While I agree that the environment is a going concern these days, I am so sick of the environmental movement. I am sick of turning on the TV or the radio or grabbing a magazine or newspaper and 7 out of 10 articles are all about 'global warming' and carbon emissions and how dastardly incandescent light bulbs are. You know what's dastardly? That there are millions of CHILDREN all over the world (seriously, check out your own backyard) who are living in poverty. They're hungry, their health is horrible, and they go to sleep one night not knowing where they'll sleep the next night. They live in refugee camps or homeless shelters. They own the clothes on their backs and nothing else. I find it unbelievably irritating that so many celebrities and the media overlook PEOPLE in favour of the PLANET. It's convenient. You can pass yourself off as a globally-conscious 'green' person without having to actually get your hands dirty caring about SOULS.
As a family who will in three weeks, with the arrival of our first child, officially fall into the 'low-income' bracket, we often feel rather impotent to do anything about poverty in our community. But can we sacrifice a few of those extra sweaters in our collection, or buy even one extra box of spaghetti or one extra bottle of shampoo to help out someone even worse off? You bet! I would rather rest peacefully knowing that one kid got some supper today than knowing that I saved three cents on my hydro bill because I switched to a compact fluorescent bulb.

6) This is definitely not a little-known fact about me, but I love U2! I was first introduced in the late 80s and I haven't gone back since. They're Irish, they're witty, their socially conscious, and even though Bono is pushing 50, he can still sing your socks off!

7) I love lemon**! Pretty much anything lemon, I'm all over it! I am rather picky though that lemon has to be the dominant flavour and the overall flavour should be sour, not sweet.

8) Yes, this is retarded, but if I could pick the one thing I miss most about life in WA, I would pick my car. Oh my little Honda, how I loved you. You were so good to me. Sometimes, I dream about you....we're cruising down the highway, U2 is playing, and it doesn't even matter where we're going, we're just together. *sigh*

*Not guaranteed to be interesting, exciting...or even things that nobody knows about me.
**This includes the giant lemon that accompanied U2 on the Popmart Tour. In fact one night they had to make their grand entrance through the Emergency Escape Hatch because the main door malfunctioned.


Brenda said...

Good ones! And I totally agree with your soapbox issue. I just watched a VH1 special about celebrity babies and their "cribs". Does a kid need to poop and pee on 200 dollar sheets that cover an 800 dollar crib?? I hope they can justify that to the Man upstairs.

Beck said...

Oh, I'm joing you on your soapbox. I know SO many freaking enviromentalists who are perfectly happy to see millions of people die and I always feel like screaming "YOU! YOU THERE! YOU ARE PEOPLE!"

Becky said...

Hey there! You have no idea who I am, but I am a friend of Brenda's (Adventures in Teaching...). She mentioned her twin and I had to check you out. I have only read this most recent post, but I felt the need to comment. I am also a FREAK about Pride and Prejudice. It is awesome. I was totally disappointed with the newer version. No one could be a better Mr. Darcy than Colin Firth! Great choice!

erin k said...

Just curious, what else would you stand on a bath mat in other than bare feet?

Prego pics?! Yes please.

Beth said...

Yep, I agree. I posted a while back on an article about how big families were destroying the planet because of all the carbon dioxide emmissions that a new baby causes, and that we should all have fewer children. Um... ok. That sounds like a good reason to use NFP!

Sure we "recycle and reuse." We reuse all the used stuff we got for the baby! And we'll use it for hopefully a bunch of kids and then pass it on to someone else who needs it.

bren j. said...

Brenda: Yeah, $800 cribs and I was just looking again yesterday at $24,000 (yes, five digits) playhouses. PLAYhouses!!!

Beck: What do we DO with those people?!?!

Becky: Thanks for visiting! I wasn't totally disappointed with the new version, but Keira Knightly was dreadfully miscast.

Erin: Slippers! Husband believes in slippers - on a fresh mat! The rash is fading so pictures are forthcoming.

Beth: I think I remember reading that article. Don't you just want to smack some people? Us sensible types need to have 'extra' kids to beat up the environmentalists. ;) Just. Kidding.

bubandpie said...

They have DVD capability at the hospital where you'll deliver? Sigh. That's the American health system, I guess. I though I was lucky when they had a CD-player in my delivery room.

bren j. said...

B&P: We get a CD player in the L&D room but the DVD player will be courtesy of our laptop.
And don't sigh for too long...remember we still have to PAY for this somehow....if that's not enough motivation to have as natural a delivery as possible, I'm not sure what is!