08 May, 2007

Our Trip & Two Wishes

I 'promised' last week that I would fill you in on our anniversary trip, but now that I've gotten lazy and haven't posted in several days, I don't feel like it anymore. So I'll just tell you that we left on Thursday and got back on Monday night. We went to Vermont, visited the King Arthur Flour Company (a little disappointing in person), Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (a very disappointing tour, but the ice cream was good), a couple of breweries (no, I didn't imbibe; I was good, but we did share the most unbelievable Guinness brownie we could ever imagine from a hippie shop in Burlington!), and checked out the Vermont Maple Festival in St. Alban's, VT. Oh, and we had one very intimidating and accidental trip to Dartmouth College. Ooohhh....ivy league....

We also found some great deals shopping which always makes us happy and Husband fought one of his greatest self-admitted-hereditary-impulses and did not buy the North Face jacket he found on sale for $60, regular almost $400. Yes it looked good and it fit well and it was one quality jacket, but Husband doesn't need another jacket. Talk about a moment of Parsimonious-Wife-ly pride!

So, Vermont is beautiful. Burlington, in particular, was quite appealing to us. We did come back suffering from a bit of PHOWHTBBHN (that's Post-Holiday-Oh-We-Have-to-be-Back-Home-Now) Syndrome (similar in all respects to The-Grass-is-Always-Greener-On-the-Other-Side Syndrome). We had a slow, rather uneventful trip but it was relaxing and we had lots of sweet moments and a couple nights, Husband even fell asleep with his hand on my belly communing with the Mystery Baby. Perfect. And that's all I'll say about that.

Now for two wishes I'd love to grant for the pregnant population at large (pun intended):

1) King-sized beds for all! Talk about a let-down (again, pun intended) going from sleeping in all those king beds on holiday and then coming home to the 'measly' old Queen. You're on my SIDE. Move over! Yes, I really DO need another pillow! With a king-sized bed, you hardly know the other person is there! There's plenty of room for a growing pregnant belly AND all the pillows necessary to support it and if you have a husband with long arms (as I do), you don't have to miss out on any cuddling.

2) Expectant-Mother Parking or a temporary handicap parking permit. There were just so many times on our anniversary trip that I wanted to benefit from a closer parking space but so many times it didn't happen. At this point, I don't think the state of Maine has ever heard of Expectant Mother parking so I'll never even get to take advantage of it during this pregnancy. Bummer. It goes to show we should've been in Manitoba this whole time....


erin k said...

Very good jacket-not-buying. And glad you had a good trip.

Amen on the King size beds for all pregnant women!

Gwen said...

King size beds are good for everybody, seriously. Highly recommend.

Sounds like you had a good trip!

(Hopefully this comment makes it through; I keep posting these uber long ermm sharings and then they disappear.)