09 May, 2007

I Should Also Add...

So last Friday, I celebrated a birthday. As an old friend recently reminded me, 'now that we're 28, we can't hide behind the 'mid-20s' label anymore.' Ah, so true.

Husband was finally awake enough to remember to wish me Happy Birthday at breakfast. He also had brought me flowers a few days before. Anniversary/Birthday/Mother's Day flowers. See the picture - tulips are my FAVOURITE!!!

The day was cold and cloudy and it looked like it was going to snow so I wore my new flip flops in defiance. We are only just in the last couple days getting the weather I should've had for my birthday. Sunny and warm (24C yesterday)!

That morning, the Mystery Baby had her sixth ultrasound (lucky girl). The midwife said everything looks great. She's in the 50th percentile in everything which means she's average (except of course, in her intelligence, because we all know you can't measure intelligence with an ultrasound and we also all know that our Mystery Baby has above average intelligence. How do we know? We just know). But I scored an 8 of 8 on...something. I have no idea what, but I understand that's good. We also got a neat picture of her face. She's traded in her regular glasses for sunglasses and it looks hilarious. Then there was the profile picture. Oh no. Mary, the Midwife, said, "Don't worry. All parents are horrified when they first see the nose and lips sticking out like that but it never comes out that way." I'm not worried about the lips, but I know the Loewen/Hamm nose I got stuck with....poor child.

In the afternoon, I was feeling rather down about the whole birthday thing. I think after you graduate from high school or maybe college, fun birthdays are a thing of the past. It's like the world has deemed you a selfish person if you insist on celebrating your birthday by giving up chores for the day. You don't get fancy birthdays with sleepovers and fairy dust or pirates, just laundry to do and dinner to make and bathrooms to clean. Luckily (for both of us), Husband caught the hint and made dinner, which was fabulous! Our first barbeque of the season! Cilantro Turkey burgers - so good! He had also bought me a frozen chocolate cake for dessert. No McCain's Deep 'N' Delicious this time, but it was still chocolaty and fudgy and quite good.

Oh and I got a card that plays sounds! It's Goldie the Goldfish wishing me Happy Birthday and it's supposed to sound like bubbles only it sounds a little more like a turkey. So a kind of ho-hum birthday ended up pretty swell. This Saturday we're heading down to Saint John, NB to explore and celebrate (and go for high tea)!


erin k said...

Aack! What kind of friend am I?! I remember your anniversary but not your birthday! Sorry. I will plead temporary insanity as a result of traveling with a 7 month old and trying to pack up our house...

Happy Birthday. I love you!

bren j. said...

Absolutely forgiven! Birthdays aren't my specialty either.