04 July, 2007

A Brief Reprieve

Just thought I should check in and let anyone who cares know that since my Mom is visiting, blog posts will be rather stingy at least for another week. Then we'll see.

We had a wee breakthrough last night in that the Little Goat (quite what
she sounds like when she's sleeping) actually slept in her crib for an hour and a half before she got up for her midnight feed and then when I got her back down at 2:30 (again, in her CRIB!!), she wasn't up until just before five, bless her little goaty heart. We got sleep!!! Hooray! Oh it felt good!


erin k said...

Way to go Little Goat!

I can't believe her hair! So great.

Beck said...

Those little baby stretches! Ah!

Beth said...

Oh I remember the first time my kid slept in her cradle and not attached to me. It was the best 2 hours of sleep :) Now she sleeps in her crib - usually the first stretch is 6-7 hours - yeah! (She's 4 months old today.)