25 July, 2007

Day Surgery and a First Stroll(er)

Oh relax, relax, I'm not having surgery...We're back online over here at the J house. Finally! The computer isn't 100% yet, but it's functional. (Indeed, I did pine for you. Do you know how easy it is to write posts in your head when you have no way to post them?) Here's a picture of Husband performing surgery on Ol' Betsy (who is really only four years old, but that's like what, 100 in human years?) under the watchful tutelage of my uber-tech-savvy FIL with only a bit of 'backseat fixing' from yours truly as I watched and paced like a mom waiting to hear if her teenage daughter had a good time on her first date (or how I would imagine that to be).

Also here's a picture of the Little Goat after her first stroller ride. Don't be deceived! Husband took two pictures and in the first one, she was about to let out a good scream. Bonus points for us who had the genius idea of putting her in there when she was already asleep, then going for a half-hour walk. When we finally got her back in the house she was quite awake and looking quite baffled to be in her new GreenMobile. But it's a fabulous stroller and we love it. (Thanks Grama & Grampa!)
In other news, I've been told by several people that after a few weeks with a new baby you really can't remember what life was like before said child. Well, I SO TOTALLY REMEMBER! And so I present:

5 Things I Miss Now That We're Parents for Real*:

1) I may as well state the obvious first: I miss uninterrupted sleep (minus a trip to the bathroom once - or five times) and all those other related activities - in the words of
Shalee over at her Diner - *ahem*.

2) I miss not having to spend a good part of a church service deciding whether or not to take the Little Goat out of her carseat. The Little Old Ladies who sit behind us probably think we're some heartless parents who don't love our child enough to hold her (if they only knew that feeding her amounts to holding her for 8 hours a day). In reality, I don't want people to fight over who gets to hold the new baby first (or second, etc)....and my healthcare-employed husband is turning me into a germaphone.

3) I miss buying things that we want. This sounds selfish, I'm sure, but between diaper wipes and stupid nursing bras...I'm already sick of it.

4) Getting through a whole chapter in a book without interruption. Better yet, reading any book that doesn't pertain to children.

5) Five minute stops at the grocery store. I don't think I need to bother elaborating on that one.

Also, Happy 100th Post to Me! <- That's a reminder so you can all congratulate me.

* These aren't necessarily complaints, I'm just...observing.**

** Okay, fine! They're pretty much complaints. Hmph!


Brenda said...

Wow, I'm amazed you only came up with five. My list could go on and on. I wrote a similar post back then too. I totally miss plain old fluffy fiction books. I'veonly read one and it was a small light paperback. I want to read Harry potter but can't wield that above me in fear of dropping the think on Maggie. The little goat is precious! All that hair!

Beck said...

Happy 100th post!
Okay, only five things? Believe it or not, some of those things stop being anything you notice very much - many things start going on autopilot after awhile.

erin k said...

Wow, Bren, she looks like you!

And way to go Husband for fixing the computer. We're glad you're back.

Also, what brand of stroller is it?

bren j. said...

Brenda & Beck: Oh I could totally think of more, I just didn't want to make the post so long no one would read it!

Erin: Yes, I'm trying to find some Luke in her, but can't see too much other than her height. I'm sure it'll come though.

The stroller is a Chicco Gramawantsastrollersochooseonenow stroller. We like it though. And it folds up pretty well. We're still going to save up for a jogging stroller but that probably won't materialize until Spring.

Beth said...

I miss actually sitting inside the church for mass instead of the narthex with all the hooligan children.

By the way, I'm definitely not buying those bibs. I'm going to try to make a few and, since my mom reads my blog and is always buying stuff... :)

nomotherearth said...

Happy 100 to you!

I am with you on remembering what it was like before baby. As with others, I'm surprised that you stuck to five only..but then the baby probably woke up, huh?

I was surprised though, when the Boy was sleeping overnight at his grandparents, and I was all weirded out because his room was empty.

bubandpie said...

It takes longer to forget what it was like before - like around 3 years or so. My parents babysat last weekend so hubby and I could go to a movie, and afterwards we went to the grocery store. As we walked around I said, "Can you believe that we used to be able to go to the grocery store like this whenever we wanted?" I know it's true - but I can't really remember what that was like.