05 July, 2007


Just in case you've been wondering:

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Based on one occurrence of the word 'torture' I rate a "G." I'm appalled. I guess I need to swear more or something. My Mom would definitely not rate this blog a G as it contains stories of childbirth. My friend Bryan would also definitely not rate this blog a G based on the overabundance of references to breastfeeding (sorry, Bryan, if you're counting, that's probably reference #8467).

I wonder what kind of words I have to use to rate PG?? No worries, I won't start experimenting...


Bryan said...

Yeah, I strongly disagree with the "G" rating. It should be rated NSM for "No Single Men" or something like that.

My site, by the way, also rated a "G," despite my own reference to "hell."

By the way, I was wondering why you had a link to a dating site (realized later that this is the site that provided the rating). But I clicked on it and saw the headline "Meet Someone from Altona." Seriously? Is this what it has come to? Is that really the best way to draw people to a dating site? I almost bust a gut.

bren j. said...

But Bryan! It's Altona! Quick! It's your chance!!

Bryan said...

I guess beggars can't be choosers but still . . . ALTONA????