15 July, 2007

The Next Jack Hanna

Recently overheard at the J home:

(The Little Goat is wailing in the background.)

Husband: We should have gotten a puppy.

Bren: I tried to convince you....

I'll preface this next quote by telling you that Husband worked a regular day yesterday and then was on-call last night, then a regular day today and on-call tonight. That's 32 hours of on-call/work in one weekend so he's a little, er, tired.

(Shortly before 3am, Husband arrives home after being called in.)

Bren: How'd it go?

Husband: Fine. Hey, I saw all kinds of wildlife on the way.

Bren: Oh yeah? Like what?

Husband: On the way there, I saw a whole family of raccoons crossing the highway! There were all these babies following the parents, but one hesitated and went back over to the side of the road. So I got out and tried to herd it across the road but it ran back into the bushes.

Bren: So you were on the side of the highway at 1:30 in the morning, herding raccoons?!?

Yes, Friends, the minute Jack Hanna retires, I think I know a good candidate for his replacement.


erin k said...

Herding raccoons, eh? Me thinks he needs more sleep. (don't we all...)

Beck said...

He saved the raccoons! That's great.

Brenda said...

Good daddy insticts!

Brenda said...

and we need more pics of that girl too! i know she must weight 10 lbs by now!

bren j. said...

10 lbs?!? I hope not. Maybe almost nine...

I never thought about 'daddy instincts' before. That almost makes the whole thing seem 'okay.' :)