31 July, 2007

In Which I am Accidentally Ridiculously Politically Incorrect*

The following is a conversation that occurred two days ago, the end of which I have not heard since.

(Watching CBC - as usual - and a commercial for special edition Olympic coins comes on, specifically wheelchair curling.)

Husband: Oh look, it's the wheelchair curling commercial again. They sure are emphasizing wheelchair curling coins.

Bren J.: Yeah....lazy-ass curling.

Husband looks at Bren J. with mouth agape.

Bren J. (with look of lightbulb suddenly turning on): *gasp* Did I just say that?!?! Oh man, I totally didn't mean it that way. I was thinking of people sitting in regular chairs trying to curl! Seriously!

Husband continues to look at Bren J. with mouth agape.


So that's me and that was my bumbling-idiot-let's-be-completely-insensative-to-people-with- dissabilities- moment. This continued lack of sleep really is NOT helping. My apologies!

*This post also fulfills my burning desire to begin the title of a post with the words "In Which." Woohoo! Finally!

Also, in my previous post, I used the word "germaphone." Obviously, what I really meant was germaphoBe. I CAN spell and I do know what I meant. You knew what I meant, didn't you? Well, didn't you?!?!


Beth said...

lol - I think pretty much all curling is a lazy sport :)
Wouldn't that be a proud moment for you as a parent?

"Oh your kid is in the olympics? Wow! Skiing, swimming, diving, running?"

"No, curling."


Brenda said...

see, i didn't even notice your misspelling. i too am sleep deprived and know what you meant:)

Beck said...

I used to have a germaphone, but I didn't have any records that would play on it so I gave it away.
And people say that not washing hands is wrong!

erin k said...

hey, let's all just watch what we say about curling... ;)

I actually can't imagine how wheelchair curling would work. Seriously, how can you sweep and maneuver a wheelchair at the same time?

nomotherearth said...

Do the wheelchairs not slip on the ice? I would be worried about that.

I make spelling errors all the time, and I'm so anal that I go back and edit them. (Yeah, I have no life..)

Kristi said...

At least you weren't in a public forum in front of a microphone when making that comment.

That would be my luck.