01 November, 2007

Little Pepper

So Halloween was yesterday. Holly & Chris were coming over after work, so on his way home from work, the Husband raced over to Walmart for candy and a pumpkin to carve. He had to call me three times to consult about the candy and the Halloween aisle was already half CHRISTMAS!! He brought home a giant back of all things Reese's (the remainder of which is traveling around with him in his car so it's far away from me all day!) and a big bag of Lemon/Apple/Grape/Cherry-heads, plus Atomic Fireballs, Red Hots and Jaw-breakers. We also raided the stash of Dum-Dum Pops to add to the loot.

And it was crazy! We had - get ready for it - FIVE whole Trick-or-Treaters, plus a mom. Five. Maybe it's because our street is too dimly lit or because it didn't look like hardly anybody else was giving out candy. That's too bad. I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween as a 'holiday,' but I do enjoy the giving out of candy and seeing all the kids in their costumes (the LG was a chili pepper). Needless to say, the kid that came T-or-T'ing by himself got one huge haul of candy!

Our Little Goat Pepper

Just so you know she was actually happy
in her costume - at least for a little while.
(You'll have to ignore my gigantic honker in the picture.
Look at the shadow that thing leaves!! Gack!)

More success on the sleeping front. The LG was fast asleep in her crib by 10:20 last night. The Husband's alarm clock went off this morning and we were both surprised not to find a wee baby in our bed! So I woke her up just long enough to change her diaper and feed her and back to sleep she went. It's almost 9 and she's still sleeping away. Ahhhh, my grin from yesterday is still holding!


erin k said...

Five kids! That's just sad. We only got 35 and we were a tad disappointed. She is a very cute pepper. Monkey was a Cowboy/Sheriff.

Beck said...

What a cute little pepper!
You had five more kids than we had.

nomotherearth said...

LOVE the costume!

We found tricks to be slow to, and are left with a huge mound of chocolate. Like I need to eat MORE chocolate...!

Brenda said...

Very cute! Where did you find?

bren j. said...

Brenda - found it on ebay. $7.67 with shipping! Too bad she had no place to wear it out to, but we'll hang on to it in case there's ever a sibling who needs it.

michelle said...

She looks so cute. We only had 1 kid come to our house...so we now have a costco bag of candy possible christmas stocking stuffers