30 November, 2007

Aaaaaand, We're Back*

*Also known as: Stranger in a Stranger Land, The Lost Years

Okay, so it hasn't exactly been years, but it's been too dang long at any rate! How I've missed you all! I've spent the last couple days trying to catch up on all my blog reading and I haven't quite made it yet, but I'm getting there.

I've got lots of great pictures to post but since this computer is new (hooray! and thanks for the donation - You Know Who You Are!) and I'm confused about some things, it screwed up the memory card before I had a chance to resize the pictures; so all the pictures are in big sizes which means two things: 1) they might take forever to load and 2) they might not show up for you at all. My apologies in advance.
Crazy hat day, complete with drool.

Apres vet-trip. Poor Pickles had more knots in his fur than we could comb out.

Just being cute!

First time in her snow suit, which she is SWIMMING in. Hah!

And without further adieu....here's your first peek at the Little Goat in action. I hope this video works. This all happened quite unexpectedly last night and now I think we're asking for trouble....my little prediction about poop (listen for it, it's there) certainly came true. Gack! It was AWFUL! Anyway, it's good to be back. Enjoy!


erin k said...

I'm so glad you're back. Great pictures, GREAT video. I can't wait to see you guys!

Brenda said...

wow, her cheeks are sooo pinchable! and she is going to town on that spoon....any signs of teething yet?

Space Monkey said...

Does anyone know what happened to Zach Galligan? You know, the kid from 'Gremlins'? Seemed like he was going places...hmmm

bren j. said...

Brenda - they're pinched on a regular basis! :) We think she's got a tooth coming in on the bottom but we can only get a good look when she's screaming...so of course we've only seen it there once or twice. ;)

Beck said...

OH, what a gorgeous baby! I'm glad you're back, too.