05 November, 2007


Dear End of Daylight Saving Time,

I've got a bone to pick with you....you sleep-stealing, schedule wrecking, harbinger of the dark days of winter!
Just when we were getting settled into a new (and I should add, nearly perfect) sleeping routine around here, YOU had to show up and ruin everything!

Absolute chaos! That's what yesterday and today have been! You know how in the morning I get up and eat breakfast with the Husband, get his lunch ready, eat breakfast, have devotions and then get some chores done? Well not today! No thanks to YOU. Our Little Goat was up by 8am. A full hour and one-half earlier than expected. Number of chores done? ZERO. Argh!


Cranky Mom in Maine

P.S. Although you, End of Daylight Saving Time, have pretty much ruined this particular Monday, you couldn't ruin the bright spot of good mail - thanks for the package, Mom!


erin k said...

Ah, I feel your pain. We have a wee Monkey who we've been trying to get to sleep in until 7, now wanting to get up. before. six. ugh.

I wish we lived far enough away from our parents to get packages in the mail...(although Monkey did get a birthday present in the mail last week from friends in Scotland. That was fun.)

Brenda said...


Bryan said...

I have neither Goat nor Monkey, yet I share you distaste for the blasted time change. Why do I need one hour less of sunlight? Time to get rid of it I say.

bubandpie said...

I was full of sympathy with post until I got to the part about 8 am.

8 am???

I have been glowing with happiness this year because my children have adapted so beautifully to the time change ... today they slept until 7:10!!! (Gone are the mornings when Bub would be up for the day at 5:45 ... gone but not forgotten.)