16 November, 2007

Drip, Drip

"Tomorrow morning is going to be just nasty." That's what the weatherman actually said on the news yesterday. Way to make us even more excited about the impending snowy gloom, Mr. Wilson!

A whole lotta years ago when Bon Jovi (edited: I've just been informed it was Guns 'n' Roses - sorry, Bryan) came out with that song 'November Rain,' I was stupefied. Rain? In November? What the heck? Growing up in Manitoba where it could get cold enough to freeze off your fingernails, this business of rain in November seemed quite ludicrous.

Now that I've lived in latitudes further south, I've begun to understand this "Cold November Rain." When November comes, so do The Rains* and this year is no different. With the likely exception of about three hours, it has now been raining for the last DAY. It is cold and grey and dismal, but the grass is still green (in November!) and the birds still flock to the feeders filling up on seed for the winter to come. Thankfully, I sit in my warm house with my warm cuppa, the (mostly) lovely company of two warm cats and one warm baby; and one comfortably warm computer on my lap.

Tonight this cold rain will turn into even colder snow (the first Storm cometh) and the green grass which still reminds me that summer was just here will be blanketed with soft, and cold, white snow....all before I've even had a chance to replace the Thanksgiving decorations with an Advent Calendar, a Nativity display, and some snowman napkins.

Perhaps I ought to go make another cup of tea.

*Note to Self: Remember to check availability of Gopher Wood at Lowe's.


erin k said...

This is a very beautifully written post, Bren.

And I can't believe the weather man actually said that!

Kellan said...

I just love the thought of snow. I'm sure it can feel gloomy and all, but we will not ever have snow here in TX and I love the thought of looking out the window of a warm cozy house at the falling snow. Enjoy it - and that warm baby.

Bren, thanks for coming over and leaving the nice anniversary wish. Have a good weekend and see you soon. Kellan

Bryan said...

Ummm G'N'R did November Rain, not Bon Jovi. But I hope you keep the faith, Brenda, even when it feels like you're living on a prayer. Sometimes the weather is bad medicine.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading your blog.....will soak up some sun rays for you 3 here in Yuma ! ! ! It was 89 degrees today.... Don't want you to miss out on your Vitamin D..... Dianna

Space Monkey said...

I think you need new boots.

We ain't going out like dat.