06 November, 2007

Oh, Right, it's Tuesday

But I was beginning to wonder if it was Monday all over again.
  • A second round of jeans I ordered didn't fit again. I feel like Goldilocks; the first ones were too long (a defect in the labeling according to my measurements), now these ones are too short. Argh!
  • Then I made bread and forgot to do the second proof and though I'm sure it will taste fine, it is short and stubby looking.
  • It was snowing again this morning. Only a bit, but still!
  • For the second night in a row, I had to get up three times. Oh. So. Tired.
  • We also found out last night that our flights Home for Christmas have been changed AGAIN and the return arrival time of 11:15pm we were trying to avoid is now the only available option. I hope the people on that last flight have earplugs - they're gonna need 'em.
  • Oh, and to top it all off, I went upstairs last night to change the LG's diaper and found one of our cats in her crib. I was SO angry! We hadn't had a problem with either of the cats at all since the LG came and now this. So the immediate solution is to keep her bedroom door closed, but for the sake of ventilation and being able to hear her, we don't like to do that. It's fine at night because the cats are out in the garage, but the LG takes a nice long nap on most afternoons....
On the plus-side, however, the Little Goat actually slept until her 'normal' time this morning (and she's started making the cutest noises now!) so I did get a few things done - like screwing up the bread, and yesterday we found the PERFECT Christmas present for my brother online and it was actually exactly within our budget. Woohoo!!

I think I'll go try out the stubby bread.


Beth said...

Wow the cat got in her crib? Our cat enjoys getting up on the table next to her rocking chair, but hasn't ever ventured into the crib. She does like to hang out in the baby's room on the floor all night though.

erin k said...

The broken sleep is sooooo much worse when you've had a taste of a good night. Also, that's why we got rid of our cat before Monkey was born (that, and he was the most irritating creature on the planet.)

Beck said...

We took the regular door off of our baby's room and replaced it with a screen door. Ta da! No more cats!

Space Monkey said...

When that happened to us I took our cat to the vet to get 'fixed' and never picked it up. Slam dunk!

nomotherearth said...

Our cat avoids the kids like the plague.

What was the present? Brothers are hard.

Kellan said...

I know you probably get tired of the snow - but I love to hear that it's snowing somewhere (me living in Texas an all). Have a great day.