14 November, 2008


Well good grief! Am I slacking or what? Remember a few posts ago when I listed a bunch of new blogs that are now appearing in my sidebar? Well I forgot to mention Beth's blog! (SORRY BETH!) I've been reading Beth's blog, Beautiful Day, for....well, I can't exactly remember how long now and sheesh! What kind of bloggy friend am I!?

So, Beth lives in the midwest, she's a fellow U2 fan (already, what's not to love?) and has one GEM of a little girl! Go! Read!


Beth said...

Oh good, now I'm feelin' the love!

Abbey said...

I forgot to thank you after your last post when you mentioned adding me! Yeah! I'm trying to post more often, but we'll see.

Meaghan said...

Wanted to let you know I am doing a coffee giveaway on my personal blog too! I am trying to get enough votes to win a bloggy award in an effort to raise cancer awareness. If you vote for my personal blog I will enter you into my giveaway for coffee!