03 November, 2008

In Which I Get Up On My Soapbox and Get a Bit Preachy

Election Day is tomorrow and as most of you are aware, I'm a (LEGAL) "alien" living in a foreign land so I don't get a vote. An opinion? Yes. A vote? No, regardless of how much the outcome affects my life. I haven't posted anything really political yet because I'm not really about alienating anyone that reads this blog, but the time has come.

Abortion has been an issue of great importance for me even before our Little Goat, our little 'cluster of cells', our little baby in my womb, came into this world. Most of you who have done your political research know where the candidates stand on the issue of abortion. Obama's voting record is out there for the world to see. McCain has made it plain where he stands on abortion also.

For my part, I cannot STAND Barack Obama. He's an arrogant, elitist, smarmy jackass who has, unfortunately, wrapped much of America around his little tentacles. I've tried to listen to the guy, but I just cannot get past the fact that the man supports abortion - in all its heinous forms.
Honestly, people! Obama says if his daughters make a "mistake" he doesn't want them "punished with a child." Are you kidding me? Any consenting adult with living brain cells knows that babies are conceived via sex. No birthcontrol is 100% infallible (with the exception of abstinence) and if you're not ready for a baby, you're not ready for sex either. Why should a baby, who has no choice in his/her conception, be PUNISHED for the MISTAKE of its parents? What a pile of horse waste!

Anyway, check out the links below because there are a lot of bloggers out there who have already said this better than I ever can.

This post includes a video combining several of Obama's thoughts on abortion, plus a link to a really well-written post detailing one blogger's perspective on the issue.

This post has some great article links, including several about babies that have survived abortion.

This is what actually happens during a partial-birth abortion. If you think it's a bunch of crap, scroll down and read the articles written by doctors that confirm the accuracy of the illustrations.

Edit: One more article from World Magazine about the topic of single-issue voting.

And finally, you think an abortion is just a bunch of cells, hey?
Click here to see otherwise.*

If I had a vote, it would be going to John McCain, if for no other reason than that he is pro-life. I have confidence that somebody who respects even the tiniest of human beings will govern in a way that shows respect for all human life. How you treat the least is surely an indication of how you'll treat most. If you vote for Barack Obama tomorrow, fine; but the blood of innocent, helpless children is on YOUR HEAD.
Furthermore, if you're a Christian voting for Barack Obama tomorrow, I ask you this: where the hell has your conscience gone?

This baby is Pro-Life.

*Some of these images are extremely graphic and some of you may be offended. Sometimes though, the truth isn't very pretty.
**I should also add that Independent Ralph Nader is decidedly pro-abortion as well. So are a quite a number of 'conservative' candidates in our own county!


Taylor Marshall said...

People need to ask themselves whether it’s okay to be a one-issue voter when it comes to abortion.

If we can’t respect the the right to life, then no right will be respected.

We need to honestly examine the foundations of human rights. The abortion issue falls there.

Here's an interesting article on “abortion and one issue voting”


Chris's Chaos said...

Well said Brenda, and I could not agree with you more.
The fact that Obama calls himself a Christian baffles me....how could any Christian be in favor of abortion....it is not conceivable.
It is my prayer that through some miracle of God, McCain wins this tomorrow......

EG said...

You started out so ladylike and professional, then there was this, "For my part, I cannot STAND Barack Obama. He's an arrogant, elitist, smarmy jackass who has, unfortunately, wrapped much of America around his little tentacles." That CRACKED me up! Yes, indeed you do have an opinion.

Amen to taking responsibility for our actions.

Bryan said...


Brenda said...

Thanks for having the courage to write what I am afraid to. That's right. I'm afraid of backlash. I just want us all to get along. And since I've already been accused of being a racist, I will let your words speak for me as well. Because I too vote on the pro life issue alone, even though McCain has plenty of faults I don't love and Obama has more:) Nicely said.

Kellan said...

I love that photo - too cute!!

It is going to be an interesting race - I'm anxious for tomorrow!

Have a good week, Bren - see you soon - Kellan

Beth said...

Damn. I wish you could vote! Excuse my language :)

Jodie said...

You are awesome. I wish you could vote.

Also, I tend to believe all babies are pro-life. I wish they could vote too. :)

You brought out the big guns today, and I applaud your big kahunas. :)

Shalee said...

Though I agree with you 100%, I'm afraid that he's our next president. I want to cry...

And yet. I know that God is good in all times, good and bad (which aren't always God's good and bad, I'm afraid.) I will give myself this one night to weep for this countries lack of sense and then tomorrow, I will rejoice in the Lord for He is good... even when I can't see the goodness in His plan. Well, especially when I can't see the goodness in his plan.

Oh, and the picture is adorable!