26 November, 2008

What in Tarnation?

Our trip to Airport City was a resounding success, despite a rather rough start. The snow that was supposed to start at around 11am actually started at around midnight and we woke up to a wintery winterness on Saturday morning. I was hoping that's how our first big snow would come, except I was hoping it would be on a Saturday when we didn't have anywhere to go. So the roads driving down were pretty crappy.

We didn't bring home too many Christmas presents although we got a few. I got a new tshirt, the Little Goat got several summery things from the clearance rack at Old Navy (they were even having 50% off the clearance price - can you say $22 skirt for $1.49?!) and we picked up a boxed set of beginner puzzles for her Christmas present. We tested some back massagers and oh goodness, if we had lots of money, it would be back massagers all around this Christmas. Alas, one of these is probably more likely.

We did all the big box stores on Saturday, grabbed some vittles from Wendy's and headed back to our hotel which was super nice and we were kicking ourselves for not having taken advantage of the work discount there before. We didn't end up going swimming because the LG hardly had any nap at all on the way down and was on the cranky side. Also, there were several junior boys hockey teams staying there and sharing a pool with a bunch of rowdy preteen boys didn't seem like such a great idea. Then, she didn't want to go to sleep. Granted, the TV was on, but hello! CABLE! We got to watch Cops in real time plus the Iron Chef Thanksgiving special!

Sunday morning, we had planned to sleep in, but sharing a room with a 17-month-old isn't entirely conducive to such things so we were up by 8, waded through the masses for breakfast sandwiches and waffles in the lobby and headed out at 11. Sunday was less successful as a shopping day although we did enjoy lunch at this fabulous Jewish bagel place (yes, it's Jewish; no, we can't figure out why there was bacon on the menu) and some sweet, sweet festive treats at Starbucks where we actually got the quiz question right for a change. They have this question on the board when you go in and if you get it right, you get a free flavour shot or extra shot in your latte or whatever. Of course, neither of us ordered drinks that required extra anything so too bad.

Anyway, it was a good trip. It was relaxing. Next year we will try to go for two nights instead of just one, but we were glad to be home where the LG actually sleeps!


Yesterday, Mr. J. decided to go out to do a little shoveling since he never got the chance on the weekend and guess what?! Our neighbour actually lent him her snowscoop to use! HUMAN CONTACT! We think it was residual excitement stemming from the acquisition of a brand new snowblower on her part. Still, Mr. J. was grateful and now is dreaming about his very own snowscoop.


Beth said...

you guys need a snowblower!

I know - can you BELIEVE it's a boy??!! We're in shock :)

Shalee said...

Oh, I would be having tears of joy over that Old Navy sale...

Jess said...

The trip sounds great! But I would please like photos of the snow. I have to live vicariously through you, you see.