07 November, 2008


Well here's some exciting and belated news: my Bloggy Giveaway had winners, y'all! Winners!

You people are WAY too nice, though. Zero pin pricks? Five pin pricks? A mere eight pin pricks? Hah! Let's try no less than 25! And those are just the ones that made me say "ouch!"

There were two prizes to give away but three correct answers. So FrugallM (who used to have a blog but now I can't find it) and Beck of Frog and Toad Are Still Friends are the winners of the aprons, with the bonus prizes going to Beck who correctly guessed that I pinned my left index finger to the fabric (no blood, don't worry) three times.

Out of 100 responses, the odds of three people guessing the correct answer can't be all that great, so I couldn't let the third correct answer go un-prized. Leigh over at My New Thing also has a prize on the way, but since it's supposed to be a surprise for her, I can't tell the rest of you what it is either.

So thanks to everybody that entered. As of yet, I have not won ONE SINGLE giveaway (*pout*) but I DO love to give away prizes so I'm glad I participated. Then again, I may have won several giveaways, but my regular blog email address has been down for almost this entire week and it's driving me CRAZY so there are probably like 10 prizes waiting for me that I can't respond to. Boo! So, if I won your bloggy giveaway, or if you just feel like giving me a prize because you love me, leave me a note in the comments and we'll get in touch!


Beck said...

HOORAY for me!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the suspense is killing me! You're still the best for sending me something! And SURELY something is waiting for you in your blog email... surely!