21 November, 2008

No Mother Earth tagged me for a meme wherein I post the sixth picture from the sixth folder in our picture files and wouldn't you know, it's one I've already posted. The meme also requires one to explain what's going on but as you can plainly see, the Little Goat is carefully pretending to pour Penguin a beverage. On the floor. Talented kid, she is.

NoMo also posted 7 Random Things but instead of writing about herself, she wrote about her oldest boy, so I will copy her. Only I'll write about my girl because we have no oldest boy.

7 Random Things About the Little Goat:
1) We call her the Little Goat because when she was very little, she sounded an awful lot like a goat.

2) She does NOT like to get her hair washed. Oh the horror!
3) She loves tomato-y things. Hooray!

4) I don't think she can decide if she likes or loathes our two cats, though she's awfully fond of the one she got in the mail from Grama and Grampa last wee
k. 5) She's not a big vegetable fan other than those tomatoes.
6) She always bounces in the same corner of her crib while she's waiting to be collected.

7) If you dare take Kitty away even during a diaper change, you are IN TROUBLE.

In other news, we're heading down to Airport City tomorrow and STAYING OVERNIGHT. I know! It's exciting! I can hardly wait! We'll do just a little Christmas shopping and eating out and I got all brave and packed the LG's swimsuit and a couple swim diapers because I found out today the hotel has a pool. Yippee! I'll tell you all about it next week! Have a great weekend!


Brenda said...

Very cute meme. She looks so OLD in that picture with Kitty!!!! Her hair is darling too. Have fun!

hibbyandhubby said...

Oo, have fun!
By the way, I nominated you for a blog award. You may thank the little people when you get back from your jet setting. ;)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Saw your award on Hibby and Hubby this morning and thought I would navigate my way over to your blog. Sure glad that I did. What fun!

Your daughter is super cute. I loved the photos of her and her stuffed kitty.

What is with kids and taking a bath? This exact same thing happens in my home. I can't understand it. I would love to have someone conduct a nightly relaxation and pampering routine totally centered on me! :)

Beck said...

Hee, what a cutie. Do any kids anywhere LIKE getting their hair washed?