12 February, 2009


A few of you have contacted me on Facebook or via email to ask how my Mom's surgery went yesterday so here's the update.

Everything went great with the surgery! The surgeon told my Dad they took out everything they were planning too. They removed two lymph nodes that will be sent away for testing (results in about 4 weeks) but he took a quick look and said he didn't see anything that concerned him. This means they probably have gotten all the cancer!

So Mom will be in the hospital until Sunday or Monday and my Dad is staying about a five minute walk away. We might get to talk to her tonight. When we called yesterday, Dad wasn't right in the room with her and she was still pretty groggy from surgery/pain meds anyway.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and love. We are so grateful for God's mercy, grace, and provision - not just in this circumstance - but in everything in our lives right now.

The Little Goat and I will be heading Home on Tuesday for three weeks and I can hardly wait!


Bryan Neisteter said...

That's awesome! Glad to hear things went good.

{Jodie} said...

Wow, for 3 weeks! That sounds fantastic! And I'm so glad to hear things went well for your Mom. I know you all must be feeling so, so relieved right now. It's such a beautiful thing to have a quick answer to prayer. It's actually the method I prefer. ;)

Anonymous said...

So happy that things went well. And I'm sure your mom will love having you home, even if she won't be able to be up and about as much as normal. Enjoy!!!

Jenn said...

That's so great to hear! Have a great time during your visit.