09 February, 2009

In Point Form

  • I think thermometers have the worst job. Particularly up here, it's either heinously hot or ridiculously cold. There aren't too many days when it's 'just right'. Guess which category today falls in?
  • I did actually pick a winner in my Bloggy Giveaway. The prize was mailed out last Thursday. The winner was Reva Skie of no fixed bloggy address. I have to say it always disappoints me just a little when the winner is somebody without a blog because there's no place to link back to, no opportunity to get to know the winner a little bit. With that in mind, I've come up with a better idea for my next giveaway and hopefully when that time comes around (May? June?) I'll be able to participate and see if my new idea works. I hope I still remember my new idea by then.
  • My cousin and her husband left for Germany on January 28th so he could have some fancy back surgery. Well he had his surgery late last week and guess what!? He's almost good as new! Off his medication after only two days, not even using a walker, and "pain-free!" We are praising God with them for successful surgery. They fly home to MB on March 5th so we'll even get to see them before we fly back here too! Yippee!
  • My parents are driving into Surgery City today even though they have to take all back roads because the main highway is closed because of some really awful weather over the past couple of days. This afternoon, they'll get a tour of all the places in the hospital where they'll be over the next few days. Mom is nervous but that seems perfectly reasonable, given the circumstances. Tomorrow is the big Surgery Day.
  • Friday is our second, well no, really our fourth, ultrasound and hopefully this time, Sibling X? will cooperate because dang it, I can't wait much longer to find out - it's driving me a little nuts not knowing.


Jess said...

Um, did I even know you were pregnant?? I have been so wrapped up in the whole Denver thing that I've been behind on blogs, but it looks like you announced this over a month ago. How did I miss that??? In any case, congratulations! So excited for you!

minnesotamom said...

Are you feeling better today? I hope so--sounded like a doozy of a sickness. Hope your mom's surgery goes well...actually, maybe that's what the next post in my reader is about...