08 February, 2009

What Evil Has Befallen Us?

Last week was a little hair-raising and it turns out we can safely attribute the Little Goat's crankiness, lack of appetite, diarrhea, and ridiculous amount of sleeping (four hour naps, people, PLUS sleeping through the night) to a norovirus. She didn't have any fever and well, we just didn't catch on because she's only ever had one cold before and even that didn't last for long.

Of course, as you parents know, what the child gets, so gets the parent. I was just fine on Thursday night but the minute I sat up in bed on Friday morning I knew something wasn't right. Mr. J. came home early so he could be there when the LG woke up from her afternoon nap, seeing as I was rather couch-ridden. We called my midwife after 'dinner' (I drank Gatorade) and figured it was probably a kidney infection. Well no sooner had Mr. J. gone to the pharmacy and back, things changed and oh my goodness - talk about a good colon cleanse! It was AWFUL! But, as of about midday on Sunday, I am feeling significantly better. Still recuperating today and so far Mr. J. is feeling just fine so we are grateful for that.

But then, you know how even when you're feeling at your worst you can be sure there's somebody out there dealing with something just a little bit more horrid? Well we were on our way up to bed on Saturday night when Mr. J. got a call from his dad saying that a friend of ours and his wife had been in a car accident on Saturday morning. (They're retired and spend the winter in AZ.) Some 85 year-old man drove through a red light and broadsided their Suzuki. Well, Earnie has a broken rib...but Dianna didn't make it.

You wouldn't know it, but Earnie & Dianna are regular readers of the blog. They have been since we moved to Maine in 2006. Dianna never left comments in the comments section but I would get these lovely long emails responding to whatever I'd written, offering anecdotes and advice, and telling us all about their latest adventures and hijinks. Those two! (Sorry, THREE - we can't forget Midgee the dog!) Always up to something. Rock hunting, participating in Christmas light parades, having coffee with friends, rubbing in the fact that Yuma weather is so fabulous this time of year....

You were truly a force to be reckoned with, Dianna, but with a kind heart, a lot of common sense (which you know I could resonate with) and a love for the Lord. We will miss you. Earnie - we love you and wish you much Grace and Peace, and will be continuing to pray for you.


EG said...

Funny how God does that. When you may be considering feeling sorry for yourself, you're often reminded of the blessings you really have.

Brenda said...

I hope y'all are on the mend soon. I can empathize with having to care for a sick kid AND yourself.

I am really sorry to hear of the accident and your friend's passing. I hope she is at peace. I'll keep them both in prayers.

Beth said...

wow I'm so sorry Bren. I'll pray for your family and your friend's family.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a blow. I'm sorry for your loss of a friend and Earnie's loss of his incredible-sounding wife. My prayers are with you both.