07 March, 2007


Having just arrived back from a blissful holiday in Manitoba, you'd think I would be all fresh and ready to go, but even though it was a short week, it was full and I'm tired. Monday morning I slept in until noon. Today I was actually up by 9:30 (I won't say how many times I beat the snooze button though).

I won't bother with all the little details of my trip. Suffice to say, it was wonderful. I got caught up with a friend and my brother on each of my lengthy layovers in Toronto, checked out my best friend's fabulous new apartment (she even made me supper!) I got to see some Aunts & Uncles and one of my cousins. There were also at least three marathon phone calls with friends I was supposed to go visit, but since it was snowing and the roads were bad that never happened. I helped my Dad out at work and had lunch with Mom & Dad and three of the ladies Mom does hair for. And of course, Grama (yes, that's how we spell it in my family - so there!) and I did lots of shopping for the Mystery Baby, which I might add, hardly moved at all for the entire week. So except for catching a nasty cold and all that ridiculous snow, the trip was great!

We spent Saturday night in Moncton (where I flew in) and bummed around there on Sunday. We even took a trip to the ocean (pictures to be posted later) which was rather disappointing.
Alas, now we're back to our stinks-like-oil house, painting that seems like it will never get done, absolutely frigid temperatures (down to -38C with the windchill; that's -36.4F for anyone who doesn't speak Canadian), and to top it all off, the cats have been pooping under the stairs in the garage that go down to our already scary basement. So now Husband has to rip up stairs to clean it out. And darn it if the price of oil didn't skyrocket while I was away! ARGH!!!

BABY UPDATE: We had another appointment yesterday and I had the best talk with my Midwife. We just talked for almost an hour about everything. Husband came after he was finished work and we got to hear the heartbeat again which the MW said was good and strong. Mystery Baby has hardly quit moving since Saturday morning (I guess it was time to hear Dad again) and the MW was happy to hear that too. Also, thanks to a week of Mom's cooking, my pregnant-weight is back on track and I don't have to try so hard to eat any more. Hooray!

I don't mean to just bore you all with the minutiae of my life, but let's face it, there's just not much else going on around here. This is life in small town isolated America. I need some ideas for posts although I've got multiple pictures I need to get up here one of these days. For now, I'll try to stay warm and maybe go eat some lunch.

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