19 March, 2007

Bump In the Night, Part Two

Pardon the fact that this picture is a little blurry. We put out two of those little traps last night. Note the fake cheese which Husband later smeared with peanut butter (a waste of good peanut butter if you ask me).

And you're all asking: 'Did you get him? Did you get him? Did you get him?'

NO! Dangit! No! I was falling asleep with my ears peeled for the most remote of mouse-like noises, jumping every time the fridge made the slightest of noises or the pipes murmured and finally couldn't keep my eyes or ears open any longer. We never heard a peep from that stupid mouse all night!

So I have two theories about that:

#1) Saturday night's Mouse-Madness was actually the mouse stockpiling food to shove in his suitcase for an upcoming trip to Mexico, which he left for (in a hurry) sometime while we were at church yesterday morning. Or,

#2) He was gone last night to meet up with his crack dealer and we're in for a doozy of a night tonight.

Either way, I am so CHEESED that we put out traps and everything and didn't get to enjoy the ecstasy of hearing The Snap! *sigh* I suppose we will have to try again tonight. Wish us luck!

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