14 March, 2007

On A Rainy Wednesday

Per the title, it's raining out today; and I mean RAINING. The temperature has been above zero (always in Celsius, people, always in Celsius) since Sunday so our hoard of snow has gone down considerably. No complaints here. Only, my pessimistic side says, 'no way can this last.' So I checked the forecast and sure enough, snow is predicted by the end of next week.

'In like a lion, out like a lamb' blah blah blah. My wise friend Erin says it better: "March is mean."

so I'm trying out a new recipe today. Low fat tropical muffins. The only sugar they have comes from the coconut in the recipe, and I suppose the naturally-occurring sugar in the pineapple. But as they're finishing up baking, they smell low fat. I'll let you know how they turn out. I should be happy about the no sugar part because I'm sure I'm getting a cavity. It would be my second in almost 28 years. Just breathing in with my mouth open is hurting my poor tooth - I can't actually figure out which one - but one of those upper non-molar types.

Tonight we have our first Childbirth Education class. I'm a little nervous. It always catches me a little off guard when I sit in the clinic office surrounded by other pregnant women. Suddenly I'm not alone, which is good; but suddenly...I'm not alone. What do you mean I'm not the only pregnant woman on the planet? What do you mean it's not all about me?

I'm really hoping that we'll meet some new people and maybe - *gasp* - even make some friends as a result of these classes, but the idea of having to hang out with another hormonal pregnant woman...just knowing how bad I've been....makes me cringe just a little. At any rate, I'm sure I'll come home with lots to blog about.

For those of you stuck at home tonight, CBC is airing Stand Up in Kandahar at 8 EST. Five Canadian comics entertain troops in Kandahar, just in case you couldn't figure that out from the title. We're bummed that we're going to miss it especially since we saw clips on the news last night and it actually looked funny. Then again, it is the CBC so there's a 90% chance we'll have opportunity to see the show again by the end of the week.

Muffin Update:
I don't think it's just my sweet tooth talking; these muffins NEED sugar. They LOOK nice but yikes! We'll see what Husband says when he gets home.


Beck said...

You'll have to eat my share of the coconut muffins - I have a serious coconut allergy. I also get a cavity about every three days, vecause my teeth are made out of chalk.
I found it easier to make friends with other new moms than other pregnant women - every new mom is lonely and eager for someone nice to hang out with....

Jaelithe said...

I am suspicious of any and all baked goods not containing sugar.

I love me some coconut and pineapple, though.

I'm sorry about the possible cavity. I DID have a dentist tell me once that during pregnancy sometimes your teeth (or even just one tooth) just hurt because of changes to your gums. They can recede somewhat and expose a little bit of the root, which can be very painful but is usually temporary. I suppose you can hope it's that until you discover otherwise?

erin k said...

Wow, I didn't know I was wise.
I agree with Beck. We didn't really connect with anyone in our prenatal class until we had a reunion with all our babies. Suddenly we just had so much in common. In fact, Baby and I had a play date this very afternoon with some of those folks. Hurray for friends...

Oh, and it's not really baking unless it has too much sugar to be good for you.

bren j. said...

So if it's not baking without sugar, then what is it?

For all the details about the First Class, see today's post.... :S

bren j. said...

Also, today my tooth seems much better, but maybe my water isn't cold enough. I'm crossing my fingers for gum issues rather than a cavity. Good grief! I know I eat sweets, but I floss EVERY DAY!!
(Yes, I'm nerdy like that.)