22 March, 2007

They're Still Here.

Yes, THEY. I read this horrible note about mice this morning that said that mice are usually born in litters of five or six and can start reproducing at the ripe old age of SIX WEEKS!! So now I'm freaking out just a bit because I'm quite sure I heard at least three of them last night -practicing Greco-Roman wrestling this time - but not once did they make it down to the kitchen, to the anxiously awaiting trap by the cat food bowl. Which is leading us to wonder if they ever were really coming down to the kitchen. Maybe they're just getting into a cupboard and we haven't discovered the hole in the BACK of the giant pretzel bag...no, I'm not stopping to check.

At the risk of this becoming a blog completely about the horror-show that has become living in our house, I shall relate an anecdote that occurred last night. It would've been funny if it happened to anybody but us. Alas.

When we first moved into this house, we only had one key. Subsequent attempts to have extra copies made proved futile when at least five keys later, we still didn't have one that worked. Wife kept pressing Husband to get a completely new doorknob and lock system. Husband kept insisting that we would wait until spring. (So, isn't it ironic that yesterday was the first day of Spring?) Last night, we left the house for our class. I was getting in the car, Husband had just closed the door and then I saw it, the look of horror as it dawned on him: My KEYS!!!!

Believe it. It's true. He locked the only house key we have IN THE HOUSE. It was the first time I actually used his middle name. In the middle of our driveway. Potentially in front of our neighbours. So I fumed the entire way to class. Lucky for him, after we got home and after he had already spent 15 minutes out in the cold trying all the main floor windows, I remembered I had a Mystery Key on my keychain. Could this be one of the useless keys we had made? I wonder that I never took it off the keychain. So he tried and tried for at least 10 minutes and in His mercy, God allowed the key to work. Lucky us. Particularly Lucky Husband.

Moving on to the Childbirth Ed. Class because I know that's why you're all reading today. Last night was infinitely better than last week. We have a different instructor for the next three weeks. She was great. She handed out the notes at the beginning of class (handy for me because I could actually scribble my own thoughts on the page - and cross out the part about bringing a video camera to the birth - ugh!). We went through the notes. Then we went up to the OB floor and had a tour of the birthing center and all its wonders. Then met a woman who had just given birth on Monday night. Then back downstairs to the classroom where we debated about practicing breathing because there were people there last night who failed to show up last week and thus came unprepared to practice. So the instructor talked about who should be allowed in the delivery room and when we should call people (lucky us, it doesn't matter who we call, they won't be rushing down to the hospital. Says who? 3000 miles, that's who). Then we were finished. Oh and the best part? We're skipping the video next week so we can have more time to practice breathing. Yes, that's right, SKIPPING the video. Not 'postponing' but skipping. Hooray!

In addition to the decidedly more bearable nature of last night's class, I made an amazing discovery. "Mrs. Perry" and I got chatting in the bathroom. And do you want to know how much God rocks?? Do you?? I know you do because SHE'S CANADIAN!!!!! "Mrs. Perry" is Canadian! In fact, from right across the border. Married for six years in December, due the week after we are, AND from the same town we live in!!! Could I ask for more? It's highly doubtful. She's teaching full-time right now, but after the baby comes, she's finished with working. Oh I SO hope there is some friend-potential here. I hope she likes to walk. She's rather on the prim and proper side, but she seems to like to laugh, she's really quite nice, and they look like the types that just might fancy a night of games! So rejoice with us, pray with us that we might've finally found some friends!


Kristi said...

I'd freak out over mice, too. Like, jump on the table and shriek bird-like noises.

Friends are so overrated...as I catch up with 8000 blogs of people I've never met...

erin k said...

I guess Canadians just know how to find each other! Thank God for possible friends.

Also, I hope you have learned your lesson and will replace the lock on your door...

bren j. said...

I haven't SEEN an actual mouse in so long, I'm not sure how I'd react. Not well, I suspect.

Yes, Erin, I will pass that reminder along to You-Know-Who.

Beck said...

I hope that Actual Friends show up for you soon.
Mice are just awful. Seriously, we have 10+ traps set during our mice infestations in the mid-winter. One trap does not cut it.