05 April, 2007


AHA!! We got you, Vile Vermin! (bwa-ha-ha-ha-haaaa) Well, okay, we got ONE of you! The bravest one! But why the plastics storage cupboard? Why the kitchen utensils? Why the cutlery?

I was going to go further into my diatribe about Climate Change and the CBC today, but I'm being interviewed by one of my favourite bloggers today (see below) and I'm excited! She sent me questions and I get to answer them, it's very simple. But before that, I will at least attach pictures of our Return to January "wonderland." Today's predicted accumulation is 12 inches - approx. 30 cm - and this only started after 7am this morning. Before that, our lawn was almost completely bare. Oh Winter! Please! Please! Go away! Alas. On to the interview!


1. How is it that reading mama-blogs (or mine, at least) has not scared you away from parenthood altogether?
Mostly, I've tried to keep my expectations of parenthood realistic, so I understand that it will be difficult, but I'm also encouraged when I read the sweet stories and the funny stories and I get glimpses of how rewarding it can be. As well, perhaps by Godly intervention, I didn't start reading them until after I got pregnant, so it was too late. :)

2. What do you perceive as the biggest cultural difference between Canada and the United States? Sure, start me off with an easy one and segue right into THIS question. I'll come back to it. In fact, I think I'll come back to it tomorrow.

3. Do you have your baby names picked out yet? Are you interested in doing an in-code baby-name poll on your blog (in which you devise historical and literary clues for the names that you’re considering, which we decode and then vote on)? (I’ve been dying to do this again ever since Veronica Mitchell did her poll at Toddled Dredge.) Answer to Part A: Yes and no. The boy's name was never really up for much discussion so it's been picked out for about three years already. Any names for a girl are at this point still only in the thought stage. We've thought of several but nothing sounds 'right' to me yet. Answer to Part B: I hunted around to see what Veronica's poll looked like so I could be sure I was understanding correctly, but I couldn't find it. However, being that the names we've thought of aren't ones I can connect to anything literary or historical (except my formative years which could hardly be considered worthy contributions to the annals of western history) and at least three of them are simply spelling variations based on cultures near and dear to our hearts, I think my readers would lose interest in that poll faster than they lost interest in my dream interpretation contest. I would, however, be willing to accept submissions for possible girls' names and then open it up for discussion or voting. I'm not sure there are enough Stranger readers out there to make it very fun though.

A fun alternative could be if you, B&P, pretended that you were pregnant again (perhaps also a funny trick to play on your husband?) and then you could set up your own poll. Having the advantage of being well-read AND English professor would certainly make for an intriguing poll.

4. What trait of yours would you most like to pass on to your child?
I so wish you meant a physical trait, but I'm sure you don't and that would be too easy anyway; I'd choose my hair. On the personality end of things, that's a tough one. I don't mean that to sound conceited - like that I have far to many fabulous traits to choose just one - but you are asking for 'a' 'trait', singular. Hm. I'm sure, should the Mystery Baby inherit this trait (and with my family history at work here, it's pert near guaranteed), I will regret saying this at least once a week from now until the Mystery Baby's adulthood, but I'm going to say my stubbornness. (My Mom is either laughing right now or starting to pray...)

Over the last several years, I've grown to truly appreciate my stubborn nature. Perhaps most people would call me crazy and say that being stubborn is a bad thing, but I'm convinced it can be both a good and bad thing. It's a bad thing, for example, if your house is burning down and you're too stubborn to jump out the window. But if your stubbornness causes you to refuse to back down on convictions based in Truth, I see that as a great advantage. I'm probably missing the right word to really describe what I'm trying to get at, but I want this child to be discerning enough and then stubborn enough to recognize a pile of bullsh*t from a mile away and refuse to believe it; to be stubborn in pursuit of whatever goals God lays before him/her. I hope that makes sense. It does in my head.

5. What is the best television show on TV right now?
Do you mean 'right now' as in just this minute or 'right now' as in being broadcast on TV in this general time period of 2007? At this exact moment, there's nothing good on because PBS no longer comes in well enough to see a picture, CBS is generally crap no matter what time of day it is and comes in so poorly, people are hardly distinguishable from fuzz; and CBC is complete fuzz today also, presumably due to the weather. In the other 'right now' category, I'm really not sure. A year ago, it would've been ER, but we don't get NBC anymore and haven't seen a new episode since last October. Now I suppose I'll have to pick something on CBC. We very much rely on The Rick Mercer Report to fill our political satire needs, but the British import Hustle is also like watching a mini movie every week. What's going to win out today though, is Coronation Street. I'm not sure it's really the 'best,' but it's the one I most like to watch. (Again, my apologies to my Uncle Robert.)


bubandpie said...

This is fun. I'm looking forward to the sequel.

Kristi said...

Those pictures make me cry for you. It's a lovely 55 degrees in Idaho today.

Beck said...

Your Easter and my Easter looked about the same. It's snowing right now, actually. Great.
I keep offering to name other people's children for them, but strangely no one ever takes me up on it.