12 April, 2007

Hold the Pink...

...and the frills...and those heinous little Brain Cell Destroyers that some mothers feel compelled to strap around their girls' foreheads in a futile attempt to make sure other people identify them as "GIRL." (Other than killing braincells, do those things actually serve any purpose? Even with a fake flower half the size of Pluto, I doubt it's going to work as well as a helmet.)

So. Yes. "It," our Mystery Baby, revealed herself with an ultrasound picture even I can't construe. We're maybe still a little disappointed because some of you know how much we had our collective heart set on a boy and I in particular, had been holding on to a shred of hope these past two and a half months while we waited for this last ultrasound. But God has been working on us (as usual) and we are now really quite okay with a girl, maybe even a little excited, though we are, in general, stumped for a first name (you can't name a girl Ben so we'll have to put that one on the back burner for next time).

Also, we are not in the mood for any "I told you so's!" or "I knew it's!" so kindly keep them zipped up for now.

And we're seriously serious: No pink.

In other news, check out Erin's answers to my interview questions. They're funny, sweet and beautiful, all at the same time. And I got to talk to her on the phone today. How lucky am I??


bubandpie said...

I was hoping very much for a girl with my first pregnancy - that was part of the reason I wanted to find out, because if it were a boy, I wanted to get the disappointment out of the way. (And of course in some ways, it's not a disappointment, even when it is, because suddenly the "fetus" has turned into a person - there's a new level of attachment once you know the sex - at least for me there was.)

I still feel a twinge of envy at those who have a girl first - but the thing about having a baby of the "wrong" sex is that it is such a discovery. I had no idea - no idea - about boys until Bub was born, and now I see them everywhere, those big-eyed, vulnerable boy-children. It's like there's a whole part of the world I didn't see before.

Beck said...

A girl! Congratulations to you. And yes, no headbands, please. Those are just so, so dopey. But I've really relaxed on the colour pink, primarily because I have a daughter who just looks so cute in pastels.

Becky said...

Just dropped by and couldn't help but comment here. Our 2nd was a "girl" and we named "her" Erin Elizabeth -- In utero. However when "she" popped out "she" was a HE!! Ya never know till ya know. By the way, we had no boy name at that time, and it was 8 days before we did. My advice, pick one of each so that child has A PERSONALITY! I'm just saying.

bren j. said...

Becky: Thanks for dropping by. We've had a boy's name picked out from the beginning, but thanks for the reminder! I think girls names just take stronger Thinking Caps than we have at present.

Jaelithe said...

I really, really, really, REALLY wanted a girl when I was pregnant with my son. Picked out girls' names. Browsed through girls' clothes (though not pink, of course, because I don't like pink, either). Dreamed the baby I was carrying was a girl.

When I had my ultrasound the tech was telling me all sorts of wonderful news, like, "Brain looks good!" "Four-chambered heart, and it's beating just fine!" "Perfectly formed spinal cord!" and then when she said, "It's a boy," I was so happy about those other things she had said that I really didn't even care. I just said, "That's great!"

Then when I was out in the car it sunk in and I started to feel a little disappointed.

But, you know what? It so didn't matter. Really. The important bit, when that baby comes out, will be that she is YOURS.