02 April, 2007

The First Post of April

I feel like I haven't posted anything new in weeks, but it hasn't even been a week. We took my SIL to the airport on Friday afternoon and she made it home safe and sound. We also did some hunting around for supplies for the baby announcements but didn't come up with much. It seems those Scrapbookers are taking over the world and now craft stores only cater to them. They can't even provide a decent cheap paper selection for the rest of us. We were also able to replenish our rather sorry looking spice rack, using up all the small bags left in the bulk food department while we were at it.

Now it's back to all things regular. We did a lot of cleaning and little projects on Saturday. We finally got some more boxes unpacked which is always enough to make me feel good. Saturday and Sunday also saw us blessed with plenty of sunshine, but more than two days in a row would just be a travesty, wouldn't it? So now we're back to grey and cloudy with wind. Last week was CRAZY windy. March came in and OUT like a lion - no lambs in sight.

Thanks to Beck over at Frog & Toad for the inspiration that is making our kitties alternately very happy and very upset with each other. I'm hoping to find another box today so we stop the turf war. As you can see, our Girl, Bean, does NOT fancy being disturbed in her new house.

I'm sure there were other things I was planning on blogging about today, but my brain has been having much difficulty functioning in the last two days! Oh wait! I remember! Childbirth Class. Whoa! I can't believe I almost forgot the update! For last week's class, we ended up not having the cool teacher we did the week before, AND we ended up having to watch the other video (yes, the one we had been promised we could skip). Thankfully, this video was MUCH more benign than the first one; they took great pains to cover up anything offensive. It covered different methods that various women used to get through their labour pain. The most disturbing was the moaning which made it sound like these women were giving birth on the campus of some cult in Southern California.

Then we practiced the breathing. It's not getting any better. She didn't give us any review at all. And then she started the music. Call me crazy, but listening to music that only reminds me of a funeral durge and the scene in Amadeus where they're transporting his body through the streets in a horse-drawn cart and then dumping it in a mass grave, doesn't exactly inspire either relaxation or focus. Then it was all over. So maybe this week will be better.

Also (boy, now I'm remembering all sorts of things), yesterday I had a rather bizarre experience. We were over at our friends' house for a Pre-Easter Egg Hunt and Egg Dying Extravaganza (and strange hollow bunnies that tasted like gasoline) and we were sitting at the kitchen table enjoying the spoils of the hunt. I had my left foot resting underneath the chair on one of the chair support bars. I dropped something on the floor and got up to get it, but I couldn't move my leg. From the knee down, I could FEEL my leg (it wasn't quite painful enough to cry, but I sure couldn't quit laughing at the absurdity of it), but I couldn't bend it back to a normal un-gimped-up position. It was the strangest thing! We were all baffled and it took several minutes of Husband massaging my leg and foot before I could bend it back to normal and stand properly. Maybe my leg had gone numb from so much chocolate. It seems better today though. Weird.


Beck said...

Really? I inspired that excellent cat house? Because while I am totally willing to take the credit, I don't remember doing so.
My legs got pretty freaky late in pregnancy, too - something about your joints getting all loosey-goosey getting ready for childbirth, I think.

Anonymous said...

When I first saw the top picture I thought you had made a drug bust. I was quite impressed--pregnant and busting drug dealers!! (turns out spices who knew, i'm still impressed a spice bust)

I tried leaving a comment re: your mouse problem the other day but it didnt work for some reason...anywho the short of my note was--you have cats shouldn't they be eating the mice?? perhaps less cat houses+less cat food=less mice. Didn't you learn anything on the farm Brenda? "What the heck" :) hope your doing well! it was good to see you during your last trip, hope to see Luke next time.


bren j. said...

Beck - Absolutely! It was all the talk about birthday playhouses for The Girl. :)

Craig - If you can tell me how to get the cats up in the ceiling to chase mice WITHOUT eating through wires and causing hundreds of dollars in electricity-related damage, I'll listen. What I learned on the farm involved more of SHOOTING the mice than letting the cats loose on them. :)